Do I need NACA5

Hmm hardly discreet is it.

As its on along TV bench type thing I can most likely get the cable to loop back behind it so I won’t see it so much. We’ll see.

A hairdryer is useful for making it temporarily more pliable where you neet to bend it to fit. (Or a hot air paint stripper, used with caution!)

A mate has his folded behind a cabinet, tied together much like this photo

I am using Chord Odyssey with a Superuniti for 4 years plus and very happy and no problems.

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No room under only behind and it doesn’t have that wider gap. I’ll manage something.

I’m very happy with my Witch Hat N2 cable between my XS2 and PMC twenty5.22s. Reputedly similar characteristics to NACA5 but in black braiding and flexible and half the price. Best of all if you don’t like it send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

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Surprised no one mentioned Liiiiiiiiiiiiii oh better not but much cheaper and easier to handle though

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Excellent price! no way! I agree its a good quality copper cable but its hardly a bargain anymore, the cable started out life at £4 a meter 10 years or so ago, about the same price as budget QED silver anniversary and in 10-15 year period has quadrupled in price for shot gun style copper cable.

when theres a much cheaper alternative that sounds pretty much identical, a little softer maybe which can be handy in some situations. hmmmm. I guess it really depends on your wallet but i would certain listen to both and see if its worth almost 1.5 times the cost.

Naca5 is truly horrible stuff to handle. Maybe look for some s/h Naca4 on the usual site or some L**n “kable” both of which are far more user friendly.

I have been wrestling with NAC A5 today - once you tame it with some clamps it relaxes and becomes a little more obedient.:sunglasses:

The back plate is an old one just to aid the jig for soldering purposes. A new full plastic housing (that came with the fangs) is offered after NAC A5’s cooling down period.:joy:

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Nice soldering Stephen. Re your jig, I have a piece of oak (any hard(ish) wood will do) with 4mm banana pin holes & other grippy hole things for holding all sorts of plugs to aid soldering

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If you use a small file you can round off the solder connection ensuring the cover fits on neatly and the connectors remain wobbly

Thanks Mike. I do use a bit of wood with 4mm holes drilled but in this instance the holes were not quite deep enough so I raised it with an old back plate instead (as a make shift).

I have also soldered some Chord bananas on the speaker end for my Neat Motive SX2’s. Anyway, my 8 meter cables are all plugged in and sounding great.

Thanks Hollow. I trim the ends off with a pair of very sharp cutters. Mine are on the limit (my eyes) but I have found that if you fill the recess from over soldering then it will render the pin useless. Start again.

Well you we all not wrong about its lack of flexibility. Bloody awful stuff no idea how I am going work with this as its not flexible enough to get around the back of where my Atom lives. But at the moment that’s the least of my worries. Alas all Naim speaker connectors are not the same is seems. As the plugs that came fitted are too wide for the Atom :frowning: so I cant currently use them as they are. Not sure I want to attempt soldering them as I dont have the proper tools. Cant say I want a trip to my dealer to connect them up, but I am left with little alternative other than using the banana plugs I currently have on the current cables.( non soldered variety. Bloody annoying that these already bespoke connectors have to have another variant that’s not advertised so it seems. Did I imagine it or do they include them in the box for the Unitis I remember hearing they did nut I don’t recall seeing them in the box.

What do mean CrystalGipsy? The size of the pin in diameter or the spacing between the pins in the plug itself?

Anyway, stick with NAC A5, it really is a superb cable.

If you take the plastic case/cover off,you have flexibility with the spacing.

Well I am staggered at how much difference adding this has made to my system. Still trying to take it all in.