Do I open it and play it, or?

Having just received the collectors edition of Dark side of the moon, do i preserve its collectibility by leaving it sealed or do I get on and play it? I’m lucky enough to have various other examples of the album to play, just wondering! What do others think?

If you’ve bought it for potential resale value then while I’d be tempted to leave it sealed you run the risk of having purchased a scratched/noisy lemon if you’ve never played it, and wouldn’t be able to return to wherever in the event of an unsatisfied purchaser down the line.

I’ve got a few boxsets of various things with several albums I’ve never played, too late now to return if there are awful faults.

You’ve got alternatives to play, so I guess unless reviews suggest a huge uplift in sound quality you might just be happy to have it as a collector’s item.

Personally, I think it was a highly innovative album, but is quite of its time in many ways and far from a personal favourite.

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I know, but only just thought about it as I received it, so thought what about getting a second opinion!

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No bought it as an addition to the collection, but then the thought struck me, and I thought I could do with a second opinion!

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The other thing of course that these ‘editions’ are there to entice us to buy something we already have in a new format or revamped.

That becomes tricky as while you’d like some of them they are often comparatively expensive - nice to have but often add limited extra value for money.

There are a few items I’ve been keeping an eye on while they’re in stock, and it’s a balance whether to purchase or not while the price isn’t shooting up, then you have to worry!

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Yes, always a gamble I suppose!

I’ll answer with questions, which will answer your question for you:

Why did you buy it? And regarding music you buy are you primarily a collector, with more music that you can ever play or numerous album’s you’ve never even played, or are you a buyer of music to play and enjoy?

In my case I am not tempted to buy it - but I am not a collector, and do not feel the need to have all output from a band or all versions of an album.

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I run with the simple rule: If you’re not going to play it - don’t buy it.


How many copies were pressed I wonder?

If a very limited run, that may influence your decision if future resale value is important to you.

I generally prefer jam today, lol.

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Great questions my friend, I bought it to have it and to play it, not to make money. It was just a last minute thought that made me consider whether I should have it just to cherish, maybe I’m just an old romantic, I’m gonna play it!!

You’re right, I’m gonna play it!


It’s not the future resale value that interests me, i was thinking simply of preservation, but as others have hinted, you bought it, play it, which I will.

Play them all, find out which has best sound, or not
personally I can’t see any new vinyl being worth more in the future,
(Unlike todays classics)
All these new releases cost pennies to reproduce, and record companies charge a lot, just rehashing with different colour, speed mastering vinyl,
But great if you are die hard fan of a band/group and got too have them all,
But saying that, I have quite a few new albums which I don’t play,
Eg less then 1000 copies
Or it’s only available in vinyl,
Maybe worth something in the future who knows.
I’m lucky enough that my daughter is also into vinyl, so my collection will eventually end up with her,
So I don’t see it as a waste of money,
Even if it’s worth nothing in the future,
Happy listening


Thanks youngster, a well meaning reply and common sense, it’s gonna get played, I’ve decided, lol.

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Please let us know how it sounds.


The same question of course is valid with other things: 20 years or so ago in an airport I saw a bottle of 30 year old Laphroaig at a remarkably good price (I don’t recall exact price, but under £300). I hesitated because it was an awful lot of money to spend on something consumable, but decided I would. It now retails around £3000 - part of me wishes I hadn’t opened it, as it would have been a good investment! But as I very much have enjoyed drinking it, an exquisite dram, what I really wish is that I’d had the foresight to buy two, one to not open!

Maybe that is the answer for very special record releases - though of course it is a gamble. I bet an unplayed copy of the original DSOTM would be worth a fortune today!


An average price for an original DSOTM the one with the solid blue triangle on the record,
With picture cards £700-£900 depending on grading,
New old stock of it,
Can only imagine,


Not bad for a £5 outlay when new.

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Pleased you enjoyed the tipple, and yes, buy two next time. I saw an unopened copy of DSOTM a few years ago at a record fair for £350, as another member above noted £700 + now!

I know, quite unreal, really, apparently they didn’t think it would sell that well??