Do Naim streamers go thru burn in?

I’m enjoying streaming thru my 2 day old ndx2.
I’m using it with a 2 yr old xpsdr
I’m really enjoying the music. Just curious if others have found whether streamers go through burn in like amps, preamps?

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Err I would say yes… give it a month to settle in and it will open up further

I don’t have any experience apart from the ND555.
Unfortunately, there is a “burn in” period. Quite a long one in fact.
There are several components that need some time to stabilize.

Yes, was rather lengthy on my NDX2 unfortunately.


Yes, and significantly so with the NDX2. Enjoy the journey.

Just leave it on at all times. And just playing random stuff at night.

I would concur with the above comments regarding the NDX2.

200 Hours :wink:

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At least. I reckon my ND5XS2 took 2 months of being on.


Yes, my nd555 took about 2 months.

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2 months looks like what it is. Similar with a lot of electronics.

Which Naim streamer do you own?

Yes 2 to 3 months IMO and experience

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Yes! It will change quite allot in 1st 5 days…about 70% of total change then over next 6 weeks or so it will get better and better…enjoy!

Burn in is one of the best arguments against box swapping in favour of big bang whole system purchases. The annual box swapper is basically committing 10-20% of the year to having a system where something isn’t on song.

Unless it’s all second hand.


Same with mine, two months when it started to sound like a proper Naim device.

I was genuinely surprised how long it took. I leave mine on 24/7. When not proper listening it plays radio to itself!
I sort of get what is going on inside, and the why.
And I know if my pre and power amps are switched off they take about 30 mins to sound good. I did have both of those rebuilt three years ago and they took six months to sound good.

Absolutely yes. I let my ND5 XS2 stream some internet radio 24/7. It changed dramatically the first 48 hours, slowing until some 200 hours, after which I noticed no further change.

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