Do SNAICs age / need replacement?


I’m going through sort of a system overhaul & update. All my boxes are serviced, a DR upgrade for the Hicap, Power-lines and possibly/likely a switch to the NACA5 (tiny bit late to the party, I know). Next up will an NDX2 and later possibly a 250.

The SNAICs that came with my boxes a now 12-ish years old. I wonder if they age in a way that it might be a good idea to replace them at some point?


They’ll be fine. It’s worth plugging them in and out now and then to keep the pins clean (they self clean on insertion).

It is worthwhile though replacing older grey SNAICs to the later black ones. And especially worthwhile changing out any “SNAIC” that might not be the real deal…


Thank you @Richard.Dane - that is peace of mind. :slight_smile:

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