Do you own your last Speakers

Just wondering if you own a set of speakers you are so pleased with that you consider them “your last pair”. Of course I don’t. I’m always reading, hoping, dreaming. If you do, I’m envious, please let us know what they are.

I don’t. Options have always been budget constrained, and I’d like to think that technological advances will mean speakers in general will keep improving with time.

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Given how long I had my Kans mk1 (about 35 years), I’d say so.
My current 805s will see me out I think.
Never had a desire for floorstanders, and I like what they do for a standmount.


Probably. Replacing Isobariks with newer alternatives will probably cost more than I would be prepared to spend. I might consider getting these refurbished or replaced with a cosmetically nicer pair.


I don’t. I’m hoping to audition some when the lockdown eases.

Getting speakers that match the system, room and are great across all types of music is tough to crack.

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I did (!)

IMF RSPMs - fantastic speakers, and I had them until they were around 45 years old (26 years mine). Used happily in 4 houses, with only one giving (soluble) placement issues. I only changed them because I inherited some money and decided I’d buy speakers to (coronavirus willing) last me the next 26 years or more: PMC EB1i.

However, in audutioning I was smitten by the PMC MB2, and to some extent I kick myself from time to time for not taking up the excellent ex-dem offer that was on the table, but head ruled my heart with both manouvrability as I get older - present 42kg each are big and heavy, but can be ‘walked’. MB2s are not far short of 60kg and have to be liften on and off stands! But I was left with an itch… It led to me replacing the mid and treble units on the EB1, on a temporary external basis at present, while the crossover problem tgat left me with was resolved by triamping… So not quite in final speaker mode yet,but when I finish deciding on precise outcome the expectation is that will be it for speakers - for life.

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Well, it is my intention to consider the speakers I have as the last pair. I own Dynaudio Special 40’s in red birch. But you never know. Back in the 90’s I wanted to have the Rotel RC980BX and RB980BX but could not affort them back then (kids cost money) . Bought the RA980BX.
Years later I bought a RC980BX and 2 x RB980BX. I said I would never sell them. I meant it. They were put up for sale the day after I got my first Naim amp. (5i (italic) ) Sold that one off for a 5si and sold that one off for a brand new XS3 (which i’m never gonna sell :rofl:)
You just never know. But intentions are a good thing right :grin:


I’m far from convinced!


For only the second time in all the years of buying audio gear I’m really happy with the speakers. First were PMC 23s a few years ago that I still occasionally rue upgrading from, and now the current SCM40s.

Philosophically I reckon big spends are probably done with, until both kids are settled in their own houses with jobs. Until then I couldn’t justify spending a shedload on toys whilst they struggle on, and the number of months to retirement is becoming ever smaller so projected income is starting to be a finite number.

I think so. At least within budget constraints. However I don’t really know yet since my room isn’t done yet. It needs to be accurately measured and fixed with suitable acoustic treatment. Then we’ll see.

I don’t know about absolute last, but these Audio Physic Classic Compacts I got late last summer are here to stay for a very long time. In fact cleaning up last week I threw the box away, that’s how assured I am of not reselling/trading. They hit all the buttons in sound, room fit, look (white glass clad, high WAF) and the price (half price demos). I could see perhaps different stands at some point, but that would only be for cosmetic reasons.

The Ls50’s in the office will probably be with me forever as well - one of the pair was pulled over at one point years ago by my three year old - she was trying to feed it a bowl of yogurt though fortunately the bowl stopped it from crushing her leg. Driver was easily replaced for not too much $, but the front cosmetics are a bit rough so lost lots, if any resale value.

I would say yes with the recently purchased ProAc D30RS speakers. Three years ago I wanted to build a hifi system that would work for my lifestyle today and also work as I get ready to move into retirement. If I was decades younger than the answer would be no, the pursuit would continue. With both my wife and I going to a reduced fix income, my wife retires at the end of June. I have not set a date but if will be no later than this time next year. So my four box system with the speakers is my end game plan.

I have learned never to say never but over the years I have also learned that it is best to live within your means and be prepared as best you can. So hopefully the XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS will carry me through to…


Never say never!
I’ve heard some speakers in the last 6/12 months that got me thinking about speakers again as opposed to tinkering elsewhere, the challenge being that to me it’s usually more appealing to improve the source and connectivity first to push the speakers further and further and that’s certainly what I’ve found with my PMC’s.
The other issue being budget and allocation of funds relative to the system overall, to get a significant uplift I’d be spending a lot and given the balance between those tiny windows of opportunity to sit and enjoy a high end audio system and everything else that demands my time and funds, speakers tend to flicker towards the top of the list then fall back down to the bottom again more often than not.
One thing I haven’t done that I would like to do once the current limitations relax is to try different speakers at home. All to often i hear them in a treated demo room or worse of all, at an event/show which to my mind is never a very enjoyable experience, not least you’re often shuffling yourself amongst a room full of people in a tiny room not best suited to evaluate speakers or your listening to them in a system that is not matching that you have at home. Food for thought at least.

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Have had our current Kudos C10s since 2007. They are a really good match visually in our room and so we have decided to keep them and upgrade the electronics instead.

However they are obviously not the last word in speakers and I appreciate that ‘better’ speakers exist. If I could find speakers that were visually acceptable the pressure to upgrade would intensify. Now if the Titan 606s were covered in maple veneer…

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Definitely, short of a lottery win, unforeseen inheritance and consequent house move!

My ProAc K6s sound wonderful in my domestic setting with my Naim hardware. I have absolutely no interest in auditioning any other make of speaker (I’ve heard most of the usual suspects - PMC, Kudos, Spendor, B & W etc.). There is no way my wife would entertain any bigger, more expensive speaker (ProAc K8 or K10), which would almost certainly be too big for my room and require better source and amplification than I have, and have no intention of replacing!

In short, I love what I have, and am happy to stick here for the foreseeable future. No itches to scratch here.


Since I started on my serious journey I have owned x 2 sets of Speakers

first serious par Spendor S6e’s which I loved match with 202/282/200 - owned them for 12 years and very happy
upraded to my current B&W 805N which are on the end of 252/300DR I believe they are exceptional speakers and best in there earlier days, they are that good only when I can afford to move to Kudos Titans either T505 or T606 will be my end point

Honestly, if I had money burning a hole in my pocket for speakers to replace my Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum speakers I wouldn’t know where to go with it. OTOH, every time I upgrade anything else, be it phonostage, preamp, amp, etc. it just makes the C2s shine that much more. I think they might just be a real sweet spot in the Dynaudio lineup, then and now. If I upgraded speakers now it would be to upgrade my pair of REL subs, from my old R-328 to the new S/510.


Yes. But.
My Reference 3A Veena’s.
Looking at what’s out there that has a similar unobstrusive yet substantial form, I can only mention another…

YG Acoustics Carmel 2. I would love to buy blind a pair of these if I had the cash in a heartbeat. But somewhat beyond my budget. :pleading_face:


There’s some questions that are best left unanswered.


Absolutely not. I am saving up for what I think will be my last for a very long time. I am looking for something with Ribbon Tweeters that can work with my Nait 5si.

Currently I’d go Monitor Audio Gold 200 or Proac D20R. It will be a couple years before I pull the trigger.