Do you own your last Speakers

Yes, my speaker journey since the 1980’s has been as follows:
Mordant Short Pageant II, Linn Kan, active SBLs, and now active Ovator S600.

As I intend to live many years more, I hope not.

similar background to you, started with IMF ALS40’s then to TDL the Monitor finally PMC MB2S.
I’m happy now!

The answer is an overwhelmingly Yes. I have the Apogee Scintilla One Ohm Ribbons with the Krell KSA-80B which drives them superbly. Being a founder of the company and the designer of these speakers, that is cheating a little.

I started to think about it, I have never bought a Speaker and that goes back to 8th grade (60+ years ago) Build my first in woodworking shop (which I still have). Did the same in college with Lafayette Radio Eliptiflex enclosures built in wood shop. After College, built a pair of Bose 2201’s (the 1/8 of a sphere units). After Grad School, co-founded Apogee acoustics where we designed and manufactured the Full Range Ribbons followed by the Scintillas.

I do have a refurb project that I am working on on the Scintillas–recapping the crossover with the best sounding caps I can afford. Also going to remove the crossover from inside the speaker case and locate them in a constrained damping box, suitably isolated with podiums, external to the ribbons structure.


Before the RSPMs I had TLS50s. And aren’t those MB2s fantastic?!


Completely agree on the K6! But the K6 Signature looks very tempting. I am in touch with a couple of new/demo K8’s, but the K6 is the perfect size and match to the NAP500.

Reckon i will stick with Dyn 2/7, no way i can afford Special 40 :no_mouth:


The Pageants were lovely, you don’t here much about Mordaunt Short these days, are they not rated anymore?

I would say yes and I doubt I’m alone in saying there’s not many places to go after active DBLs


they are a keeper, not looking for anything more, like you, once you have tried transmission lines, nothing else cuts the mustard. tried various speakers including some of the lower PMC’s once I listened to the MB2s that was it search over

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I have never really considered this seriously, or rather the few speakers I would have liked to try was way out of my budget if I am going to be on friendly terms with the bank! I have had my audiovector 6 in 3 maybe 4 versions in just about 20 years, but versions means that everything except cabinets have been upgraded at least once.
Monday I looked at one of the Danish websites and unfortunately I saw an advert for audiovector R8s, reduced to half of the retail price. This could in theory and with a friendly bank maybe be possible, but it ment I had to get all the money up front and selling from a Swedish dealer I know nothing about and a dealer that is going to discontinue Audiovectors and that is the reason for the price he is offering.
I should have forgotten all about it, but Tuesday I called my dealer. He new the story about the speakers and offered to see if he could make a deal close to the Swedish one. He called yesterday with a good deal trading in my sr6 the Snaxo and my extra 200. so I am going change from my current Audiovector sr6 run active, to the r8 that can only be run passively. My dealer assures me that even going back to passive with 2 250s on the r8 it will be a huge improvement.
The interesting part of this corona deal was my bank. I called and explained the situation and in 5 minutes on the phone and 10 on the pc I had the needed cash.

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Another PMC MB2se owner here. Bought nearly 2 years ago for my 65th birthday , as my final speaker. Finally found everything I was looking for in a speaker.

All I need to do now is outlive their 20 year warrantee :grinning:


I typically don’t change speakers that frequently, my Dynaudio Special Forty’s are here now for a week and I these could easily be my last pair of speakers … I’m really happy with my system as it is and spend my money on other stuff instead.

However, if a NAC-N 272-2 will be introduced … :wink:

I think I do, at least for now…

But even if the desire to change presented itself, and the cash to do so could be justified, I don’t think my SCM50As would ever leave, but more “retired” to a different part of the house to spend the rest of their days

The house would also have to change to do this, and I am not sure this is on the cards for some time, if ever

I sure hope so. My NBLs are as good as anything else in my system. If I replace them, it’s because something broke and there are no replacement parts available.

And “source first” is gospel for me. Every time I have upgraded a source, my speakers impressed me that much more. Getting the sound into the speaker is the hard part.

Here’s their website. But could not find a review.

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Picures please,
As far as i remember, Scintilla was one of the most incredible louspeaker in the late '80s, had once the opportunity to listen them at Milan Top Audio fair.

Big fat yes - B&W 804S. As long as the tweeters don’t get ripped off by the clumsy or ignorant and the rubber surrounds don’t perish, I’ll have them as long as they still make a noise.

Talking of which, anyone know how good B&W’s servicing is? Worth doing? How often?


EB1i is like an extended bass IB1i, and my mid and treble upgrades take that end up approx same as IB2SE/MB2/SE. I have three routes open to me: 1) The project to try first, though possibly not till I retire, build an MB2 clone (using those mid/top) and keeping active for XO ease and sound, and if that doesn’t sound better than the upgraded EB1, then 2) Move the drivers into the EB1 box and have done forever. or 3) succumb to the tempation and just get some MB2s but find a way to solidly fix stands and boxes together so tgey could be walked if necessary while making sure that in my planned home for retirement they go somewhere where never need moving.

wow sounds like you have it well thought out, moving the mb’s is easy enough you just need two people. there are 2 pairs of the SE on fleabay at the moment both from dealers so p/x may be possible