Do you use your system instead of the TV speakers?

Hi all

Just interested to know if many of you use your setup for TV sound also instead of the terrible built in speakers :loud_sound: on tele’s?


  • Yes
  • No
  • No, but don’t know why.

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No TV where I listen to music.

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I bought a Loewe a few years ago, they have relatively good sound. Once I had the TV, I discovered that Naim produced the Av2 pre-amp in the past. So I bought one second hand. It is paired with a Nait 5 in power amp modus. This is not my main hifi set, but I use it often to watch the Berliner philharmoniker online. Quite good sound. Since we have 4 kids, the telly is used often for either gaming purposes or watching Shaun the sheep etc. Doubtless the Av2 and Nait 5 are the most used hifi items in the house.

I could happily live without a TV, but the main system now lives in a different room, so I put an Atom by the telly with HDMI ARC.

Yes my atom powers the front speakers for music and in my 5.1 system for TV and Movies

I use mine selectively, music programs mostly & progs with sound as a feature such as F1.

None of the above - I use a Bose sound bar for the TV. I prefer it to the sound of small speakers on stands beside the TV.

Where my main system is - there is no TV.

I rarely watch TV, cricket, occasional quizzes, Scooby Doo and my guilty secret a fondness for Antques Road Trip being about it. I do watch some music and arts documentaries and have thought vaguely about looping out to the main system, but don’t watch enough to make it worthwhile.

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I am still running my Pioneer Kuro plasma, it never had speakers.I take an optical feed from Virgin box direct to ND555.


I use a Canton DM55 Soundbase. It sits on the shelf below the TV underneath my PVR. I works really well and sounds surprisingly large.

Yes… love it for films


GOT will sound awesome.

My main system is music only, but I have a separate system for TV watching which also gets quite a bit of use as a music steaming system. Makes a massive difference for movies - I would find it really difficult to live with the TV’s sound system.

MuSo is a winner for tv.

Just to add my bit, I use a Yamaha processor with Dali Icon 5.1 set up, but run a olive 250 from it for the front speakers. I never use the TV speakers.

I’ve got a fair amount of Sonos around the house it’s just convenient, reliable and works. The integration with Alexa pretty good also. I’ve got the sound bar, satellites and sub connected to the TV and while it isn’t ‘hifi’ it’s (to my ears) great for TV/Films etc.

Music’s dealt with elsewhere, away from the TV. Whilst I’d like the bigger room… I’d never get to use the Hifi since the TV would take priority!

Yes but sometimes programs with unclear dialogue sound clearer through the TV’s speakers.

Yes I do, even the most simple programmes are using tunes that are sounding awesome through the rig. And with movies the sound excels.

I have a second HiFi system for TV sound and do not use the TV speakers, but don’t want the TV in with the main HiFi system. The HiFi for the TV is the old Naim AV2 into a CB 250 with some MS speakers and sound much better than the TV speakers.


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No. I don’t watch TV in the room where my main system resides. However I have a 5.1 home theatre set-up in the room in which I watch the TV. It used to be Naim-based (nVi) but now its Arcam/Focal.