Does anyone have 2 turntables

I’m curious to know if anyone has two turntables in their system, what make they are and do you use them for separate things for example one is for playing mono records?

The system pics thread is a good place to mine that kind of info. To clarify, do you mean two turntables in one system or just two turntables (possibly in multiple systems)?

My impression is that it is common. I certainly plan on a second for another system.

2 turntables in one system

Artemis SA-1 with Schröder Reference and SPU Royal N into superline with a supercap.
Townshend Rock mk 2 with Aro and mono London Decca Maroon into stageline N on AUX power.

Or at least I did before moving in April, I’ve not set the Rock up again so far but it’s been rather hot here for most of the summer. Fiddling with turntables and/or speakers for that matter, just hasn’t appealed and I’ve still been enjoying my mono discs without it.


Oracle AC with Rega RB600 and Benz Micro Ace S into Stageline S for 33RPM.

Rega Planar 2 with Grado Reference Platinum for 45RPM.

Because moving the belt on the Oracle is a pain in the ass.



Friend of mine:
Rega planar 10, with aura.
And a roksan xerxes Sara arm forget the cart but it was expensive, found it Shiraz, roksan psu/phono stage.
I don’t know how he chooses!

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I have 2 Turntables, but in different systems.
I have a Phono Stage (Cyrus Signature) on the main system that can support up to 4 Turntables, though I could never imagine a need for more than 2🤷🏻‍♂️

Thought I’d update with what my TT’s are.
Main: 2021 Linn LP12 with Rega RB880, Rega Apheta III, Mose Hercules II outboard PSU into Cyrus Phono Signature.
Media Room: My original 28 year old Pro-Ject perspective, fully serviced and rewired in 2016 with Goldring 1042 MM cart into the MM Phono Stage on a Roksan Attessa Integrated.

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I also have two turntables in different systems. My main tt is a Transrotor Crescendo Blanc/SME V/VDH Frog in my main system and a LP 12 25th anniversary table set up in a headphone system.
I have had the LP 12 and an earlier Transrotor (Max) set up in the main system previously. While certainly a different presentation of music, I found having 2 tables in one system redundant and too large in my living room (lounge).

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I had never heard of a 25th Anniversary LP12 until now. Other than Mr Tiefenbrun’s facsimile signature, I have just read that it has a fourth bolt through the top plate.

I wonder if my LP12 has that? Something to check when I get home, if I remember.

To get back on track, I have only one LP12, although I think that it would be rather cool to have a second armwand for the ARO, with a different cartridge on board.

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In Canada, the Linn 25th was offered with the Ekos at an attractive price. I had not known there was different bolt pattern.

Off topic a bit, but when I read your post, all I could think of was:

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I have 2 TTs in the same system. A. is used to check new or suspect records that may have defects. B. is used for ‘satified’ ones.
A. Systemdek IIX/Profile arm/Nagaoka MP-11 into Belles OCM phono. Music Hall PS for 33.3/45 rpm
B. Alphason Sonata/Alphason HR100 MCS/Bens Micro LP into Nagra BPS phono. The Sonata is the N. Americas single motor version.

I have another HR100S arm that I could mount a Shure mono cart (still box sealed from a while ago!) or Dynavector/ Denon stereo carts

Prior to A. tt I used a 1987 LP12/Hercules II PS/HR100S arm/Denon carts but let it go and got A at 1/4 the sale price!

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I’ve got 3 turntables in 2 systems - does that count?
No 3 is the newest Rega P1 - for playing 45s - which I have to say is astonishingly good for the price I paid for it.

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I probably have far too many turntables, but usually only have one or two at the most at any time connected to the main system - currently I have my Loricraft 401 and Rega RP10 in there.

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I run a Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck alongside a Rega RP78. The latter is, of course, for playing 78rpm discs.

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That’s interesting, I’m thinking about a Rega 1 as a second turntable in my system, does yours have the Carbon cartridge?

Do you mean the old shellac 78s?

Two nice decks, does your phono stage have inputs for MM & MC?

Is Turntable A vastly superior to the LP12 you had?

Two very nice turntables, I’d love to hear the Linn with the Rega arm, I bet it sounds fab.