Does anyone listen backwards?

odd title for a thread…I’m sitting at my desk in the office as I normally do at this time. and i’m pondering the mysteries of the audio universe. my system is directly behind me as it’s always been. more for background listening, ambiance, odd distraction. occasionally I can turn round and face it directly to hear something i’m interested in, but 95% of the time just listening to what’s behind me.

the room configuration is more rectangular than square and my desk / audio are opposite on the long walls given the door / windows are on the short ones - hence the placement.

does anyone else have a similar setup with their system behind them? if not, I’ll be posting in the ‘what was the last bit of gear you’ve bought in 2024’ thread with a pair of IsoAcoustic stands and moving my speakers in front of me to the desk…

Just curious

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I do. I’m organist, so the noise is usually behind me.


Is that good when you’re playing? like eliminating the reflecting sound?

Do you mean satanic messages. :scream: :ghost:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I think we all did at one point?

I mean…Paul is dead, right?


I don’t know. When I play the organ in a church it’s a performance so I listen in a different way. I think that listening with your face towards the music is more natural.

What difference does it make whether any, many, no others do? If you like it, do it.

FWIW, I have listened from 3/4 behind when I had a desk in my lounge. And sometimes I like to position myself standing right between the speakers (not changing their normal forward angled stance), liking the effect with some music.

Funnily enough that’s exactly my office system too. Sounds fine/great. I wouldn’t worry.

social proof. and general curiosity.

Just remember to swap left and right. :+1:t2:


that’s why it sounds so different!


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I was more getting at the “if not”, suggesting you’d change if no one else did it.

What on earth for? If you face away from a band do they need to swap tgeir positions on stage?

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Backwards is not the right word.

I some times listen to the music holding a beer and leaning against a wall in my room, it really sounds like a live concert then.

Other times I listen to the music from the balcony, it sounds like the next room is a studio and all is very real.

I have a friend that is a musician, in my room he listens to the music seating between the speakers, he says it sounds like seating in the orchestra, just very real when he closes his eyes.

This is why I cannot understand that moving a speaker an inch makes a difference.


the only other phrase that comes to mind is ‘off-axis’ which isn’t really what I’m doing either

but I get your point about the wall leaning and it sounding like a concert

the backwards part would be when I’m turned around at the bar while the band is tuning up

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I do quite often when laying on the couch, I flip over for comfort. Sometimes I feel it actually sounds better when I face away from the speakers.

well…if there was a resounding chorus of ‘rotate 180 degrees and go nearfield listening vs having your system behind you…’ I’d consider having a go at it

just for fun

t’nod I on

Some times I listened to full concerts from the bar, I was afraid I could spoil the acoustics if I moved.

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