Does anyone listen backwards?

if you find a sweet spot - why move?

Don’t move, wait for the sweet spot to find you.

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that’s some really good zen-type stuff for life beyond audio

I’m going to use that

sometimes with attribution… :grinning:


But you can try that regardless of anyone else!
For best sound with my previous speakers I’d move the speakers closer together in front of the window, and listen quite near field, at least relative to the size of room, which sounded particularly good because it minimised room effects. (My speakers now are not easy to move so stay in their normal positions.)

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Yep I do, my speakers are centred behind the sofa about 3m apart but both are well out in to the room, it’s the only way it’ll work in my room without getting in to major rearrangements. It sounds really good and quite immersive when sitting on the sofa, a bit like a big pair of headphones. My house is very open plan so mostly I just have music on so it makes little difference anyway

I think you should rotate 180 degrees and do nearfield listening rather than have your system behind you.

I used to listen backwards, however I moved my system to a different room and now I can finally sit in front of it.

It won’t be the same as at home. :wink:

For me, moving backward in time from 112x/272/252 to 52/135s was the Olive revelation of the original (and still the best!) Naim sound. :slightly_smiling_face::musical_score::golfing_woman:

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Not forgetting hidden Easter eggs :innocent:

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To me it would sound wrong reversing L&R if speakers are behind me, because it is the way round it should be with the music coming from behind, and if I trun round it remains exactly how it should.


Yes - in the study sat at computer, audio coming from behind.

Not sure if non-Apple headphones etc do it but spatial audio is weird when the audio changes position as your head does so presumably would not allow ‘backwards listening’.

Back to the future? :grinning:

No. However, I listen upside down! :stuck_out_tongue:

What about sideways?

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It was possible once - if you were a conspiracy theorist - to play a Beatles track backwards, which ‘told’ you that Paul McCartney was dead, and this ‘fact’ was given much added weight by the fact that he was bare footed and holding a cigarette on the front cover photo of ‘Abbey Road’. So it was ‘obvious’ that he had died of lung cancer, contracted from smoking.

I forget the remainder of the details of this drivel.

His life and music have clearly been Fake News ever since. Now that shows real dedication by the conspiracy theorists!

In my office I have two systems. The one on the desk with proper setup for my seated position (UQ2 into desk stand mounted qacoustics), and the one on the other side of the desk in my thinking area (Luxman DAC, amp, and Omega floorstanders). Sometimes I play that system rather than the desk system even when I’m working. The speakers are both on the same plane as my seat facing 90 degrees away from me. The left speaker being just 70cm away and the right speaker 2.5m away. Basically the worst possible position for listening, hence two systems for two zones in the same room.

And yet even that awful listening position to speaker arrangement can’t ruin the fact that it’s a massively better and more capable system than the desktop one.