Does E = DV² ...?

So… I have just acquired a set of 323 E boards, which will fit in my NAC72. These will be run with my DV10X, as a trial, to see if its worth chasing down a set of 523 E boards for my 82…!

Results will be reported here, once the 323 E’s arrive… :hear_no_evil:


I’ve got E boards in my 72 and they work really well with my 10x5.

So… does Does E = DV² …? Meaning do Naim E phono boards work & ‘fix’ the problem of Dynavector High Output Moving Coils being too ‘quiet’ with N boards…?

Yes. Yes. @SteveC - we agree…!

My Set of 323 E’s arrived today. They turn out to be 323/5’s - possibly the latest / last version of the 323 boards…? (Paging @Richard.Dane - to confirm…?)

They work - and the matching vs CD volume (with a Naim CDX2 - other players/streaming things may differ…) - is much improved. Volume with Phono is slightly quieter - but you definitely would not get a shock changing inputs, as you definitely can with changing from N boards, going to CD… :hear_no_evil:

How do they sound…? Silly question… Fab… :sunglasses:


Ian, the NA323/5 was the final iteration of the NA323 boards. Pleased to hear they are working well for you with the HO Dynavector MC.


OMG - that was quick…! Thank you… :blush:

This result is with a DV10X into Naim 323 Version 5 E boards.
I would expect similar results with 523 E boards and with other High Output DV carts, such as the 20X. But I cannot guarantee this… :thinking:

I will now be looking for a set of 523 E’s… :astonished:

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@IanRobertM does make a big difference when switching sources. Almost blow the tweeters a couple of times with the n boards in place :joy::joy::joy:

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Good News… :sunglasses:

Phase 2 has now begun. I have today bought a set of Naim 523 Version 1 boards, which are believed to be S boards. Once I have them, then they will go North to Sheffield, to @Darran at Class A, to be serviced & tweaked from S to E spec.

More, as, when, etc…

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Excellent news @IanRobertM. Best thing about the older naim kit is being able to swap the phono boards

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@SteveC - And, possibly… the much lower prices… Maybe…? :crazy_face:

PS. Just checked - a Stageline is over £400, now… :astonished: There are several more set of 523 boards on… which are around £100 to £120. Mine were… less than that… :blush:

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I think I paid £80 for my E boards for the 72. Cart upgrade later this year will probably stick to the high output DVs

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I just paid… less than that, for my 523’s. But - what I have are S boards, so factor in the visit North - say another £30 (tbc - waiting on Naim to respond to Class A).

Err… I also paid less than that for my 323 E boards, for my 72… :blush:

Probably paid a little to much for mine. But did come boxed and apparently serviced

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A standard service, I am told (by @Darran) is £25. So effectively you only paid £55… Better…!!

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@SteveC - I have received my 523 Boards today… :blush:
Boxed… :astonished:

Currently in discussions with @Darran at Class A, regarding conversion to E spec. More, as/when…

Are you going to stick with the DV carts if it works out well?

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Yes, for now. But - having a set of 523 Boards - means there are also other possibilities… :thinking:

Update - !! Naim have found the Circuit Diagram and Part Numbers, for the 523 E Boards !!

Actual parts are expected at Class A, next week. Postman Pat permitting… :slightly_smiling_face:


@IanRobertM great news. I’ve just added a serviced Hicap between the 72/180. Wow what a difference. Volume between vinyl and digital is near enough the same now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@SteveC - Thanks, yes. You only just added a HiCap… :astonished:
Crikey… Well, enjoy the boost.
Checking my history, I first added a SNAPS in 1984, then a HiCap in 1986 - which HiCap I still have. Although, its like Triggers Broom or Grandfathers Axe by now… :smirk:

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Interesting! I use 523 ‘S’ boards with my 10x5 which was a huge improvement over the ‘N’ version.

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