Does E = DV² ...?

Well, I can tell you that in terms of gain/volume matching, a 10X into 323 E boards is pretty much on par with a Naim CDX2. Whereas there is a significant difference, into N boards. (I did this trial using my 72 - for which I got a pair of E boards.)

I would expect that a 10X into S boards might be a bit louder than CD…?

Yes, I now have to make sure the volume is set low before playing records, the inverse of how things used to be :grinning:


Perhaps you could think about getting your 523 S boards converted to E spec… :thinking: :blush:

I’m hoping to get my boards to ‘K’ spec with an Krystal cartridge :grinning:

My 10x has 525+ albums on it so there’s no rush just yet…or is there? :thinking::wink:

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You are excused, in that case… Many years back, I ran an Linn Asak, then an Asaka, into S or K boards.

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Latest News - !!
The required Parts are now available…!!
A trip North is in the offing… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Been to Moorgate today and ordered a Krystal. Might be fitted by Friday…:crossed_fingers:

And came back with Patricia Barber - Modern Cool on double LP :grin:

My trip to ‘next door’, is still pending… :expressionless:

Don’t really know what a Krystal is, sorry. Something Linn, based on the ‘K’…?

It’s a Linn cartridge for my LP12.

It will look much better when its finished…

I see its around £1200… ‘Only’… :rofl:

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@Guinnless - Update…! To complicate an already complex situation, a pre-loved Linn Lingo Mk1 seems to be heading my way… :open_mouth:

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My Krystal has been delayed just waiting on a phone call.

The Lingo 1 is a huge improvement over anything other than newer Lingos or a Radikal.

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@Guinnless - I have managed to arrange collection of the Lingo 1 (for later this week). As long as it works, I am happy - it will replace a 1982 Valhalla.
Now waiting on Class A, re servicing of the Lingo - and (back to the original subject) my Naim 523 boards…!!

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You’ll not be disappointed with the Lingo. I bought in new when they came out and it was the most astonishing upgrade.

My 523s are now ‘K’ versions and the 82 has had its BNCs replaced by phonos.

@Guinnless - I hope not. Arranged to pick it up this Thursday.
Should be straightforward… :sunglasses:

So you are Oh ‘K’-ay then… :rofl:
You went from S to K - thats not much of change…?

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@IanRobertM ask Darren about removing the mains filter on the lingo. It’s something that can effect Naim equipment.

Yep, I had mine sorted and it made a nice positive difference - tested before taking it by simply unplugging the Lingo and listening. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@SteveC - Thanks, already know about that.
Will be checked for & removed, if its still there… :grinning:

@Guinnless - I now have my Mk1 Lingo… Just need to book a trip North, now…


Krystal and. T-Kable now fitted and to be collected tomorrow. It’ll have to be an early start in the morning to avoid Glossop car park!