Does MuSo Qb Wifi degrade over time?


From the search it looks like a lot of people have had problems streaming with Muso. My Qb was mostly fine for the first six months (I bought it early 2019). Then slowly things got worse, more dropouts during the day on radio and Spotify, only fixed by power cycling the Muso. Finally a few months ago I put a mesh system in (TP-Link Deco) and that seemed to cure it for a while.

Now we are back at the point where I have to switch it off and on a few times a day. It seldom works first thing in the morning without switching off and on.

I’ve updated the software as needed, re-initialised the Qb, checked what devices I have that might interfere with it (e.g. the Roku stick has ‘direct wifi’ so I turned that off but hasn’t made any difference). Other devices (phones, laptops) connect no problem close to the Qb. I’ve checked that the Qb is definitely connected tot he nearest mesh device.

The mesh system is set up as WiFi access point only, all IP addressing is handled by the router. I can’t see any duplicate IP addresses.

So I’m at my wits end, and things seem to be slowly getting worse. Anyone any ideas?

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Ours is two years old. Had some initial glitches with Tidal but that was about our broadband speed. Since then it’s been rock solid.

No issues here, have 3 QB’s first generation, one is wired and the other 2 are wireless. Like the OP we use TP-Link Deco.

It’s reliable enough to wake us each morning and has never let us down.

Does your router automatically set/change the wifi channel.
My router default setting is to dynamically change the channel, however, I’ve disabled this and I manually set the channel myself.

Used a Qb Mk1 for 2 years without any wifi problems.

Not to detract from the fact that this may actually work it is frustrating that a fix like this should be necessary. Plus the channel should only be an issue if there is another wifi source close by overrunnig that channel with a super strong signal.

Another reason, which should not be a problem but that may be if I read other threads here, is that mesh systems usually auto switch between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. It could be that the QB does not like this.

One could make separate bands of the two but IMO that breaks one of the best features of these mesh systems for me. 2.4 GHz is longer range but slower than 5GHz so letting the system auto switch is awesome for moving around the house.

If either of these things fixes the problem it should actually be reported to Naim support as no modern device should choke up on it.

[Edit] This is all to say of course that other devices in the house is not experiencing the same.

Have you been in contact with Naim tech support?

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The Qb Mk1 definitely wouldn’t like this, it only works on 2.4.

I’ve found manually selecting channels improves mobile phone/tablet response time compared to auto select channels.

That should not make a difference to the mesh. Devices that are only compatible with 2.4 are kept on 2.4.

I have to respectfully partially disagree here. The channels randomly flipping all the time. The router should only be changing that if there is congestion on a previously selected channel.

It could have been that with manual selection you selected an even cleaner channel than the router did with auto select which could affect signal strength but I have 3ms latency on my system with auto selection and high congestion.

Also with manual selection someone needs to know which channel to select so that means being able to use and understand something like inSSIDer. Otherwise it can worsen the situation.

The way to solve this issue at a time when WiFi is becoming ever more congested, unless you live in a remote house in the country, is to use an ethernet cable to connect your Qb to your network instead of WiFi. It will just work.




I believe I read more than once on the forum that it was Naim support who recommended to connect the Muso 2 permanently to 5 GHz and set fixed wifi channel 36. Which is of course fine for support to do if this helps the customer, just sad that they have to do it :slight_smile:
I suppose for Muso 1 it is worth a try to do the eqivalent for 2.4

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Many modern routers display the available channels and congestion on each graphically. Though agree that it should not be necessary of course, provided that the congestion situation is not very bad

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Wow thanks for all of the information guys. Good to hear that some people are working fine with the Deco mesh system.

I’m not sure if the Deco allows me to fix the channel, but if so I will give that a go. I can confirm the Qb is always connected to the nearest Deco device on 2.4GHz, according to the Deco management app. The IP address never seems to change.

@davidhendon I hear what you are saying about Ethernet connection, it’s just a pain to get a cable there, but I may just need to bite the bullet. However I do live a reasonable distance from my neighbours in a rural location and don’t see much activity from other peoples WiFi when I check with the WiFi analyser app for android. And no other devices in the house have this problem.

Also broadband speed and uptime are good, Speedtest over Wifi from a phone consistently shows about 30Mbps.

I haven’t reported this to Naim - I think it says something about my jaded attitude to customer support in general that I assumed I would get more sense from a user forum but maybe I should be more positive and at least give them a shout.

Thanks for all the replies, I’ll report back if I get a solution.

One thought.

Although you believe that the QB is always connecting to the same Deco unit it might be worth trying turning off the Mesh Technology setting for the QB’s to be sure.

Whilst we don’t have issues with our Muso’s we did with our daughters HP laptop which would disconnect randomly. I discovered that stopping it from roaming resolved the problem.

Well if that is the official advice there it is. In some cases with bad WiFi I guess it could solve an issue. :man_shrugging:

The Muso 1 only works on 2.4 GHz so there is no 5 GHz to turn off.

The Muso 1 WiFi is quite primitive so it just doesn’t work very well. There is nothing you can do about it except use ethernet instead.

Having said that, my generation 1 Qb works fine on WiFi, so if the network is simple, the WiFi signal is strong and there is no interference from other users in adjacent properties, you can certainly use WFi without any problems.



It’s my recollection that someone wrote having this received from support. Don’t take my word for it, but a search should turn it up in one of the umpteen Muso wifi threads

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So someone may have received the advice for the Muso 2, that’s why I wrote “I suppose for Muso 1 it is worth a try to do the equivalent for 2.4”

Also I didn’t say anything at all about turning off 5 Ghz

I don’t have a Muso and run my Star wired so I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

The techie side of me just sometimes jumps up and and goes “why oh why”. Can’t control it. Should maybe consider therapy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s what I thought you were saying. Ignore him.

He knows nothing. :grinning::innocent:

I know … I am a good test & support manager because I suffer actual bodily pain when something is badly done :face_vomiting:

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