Does SN2 trump Superuniti amplifier?

Hi fellow Naim people - I am new to this forum so please bear with me!

I currently have ND5 XS2 feeding the amp section of my Superuniti through Audioquest Victoria 5 pin DIN. Strange you probably think but I wanted to upgrade in stages so thought the ND5 a good starting point. The result is very good but my question is - given both fiscal and space limitations, would a SN2 (s/h or refurbished) give an improvement over SU or would I just be replacing one good Naim amp with another? The SU write up says the amp is based on NAIT tech but does not say which one but it is 80 wpc so I’m thinking it could be the same as SN2 given their closeness in evolution. I don’t need a SN3 as I have no need for the phono stage.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

Digital Granddad. What a great name. Welcome to the Forum. I’d say that yes, the SN2 will be better. The SU is a bit on the slow and cuddly side whereas the SN is more fleet of foot. The SN3 is improved in various areas and it’s not just about the phono stage, but of course costs more than a used SN2. Presumably you have a decent stand to support these fine boxes.

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I don’t know the Superuniti firsthand, but the SN2 is one of the best integrated amplifiers Naim has launched, much better than the SN3 in my opinion.

Welcome. I have a Nova (the Superuniti replacement) and a SN2. The SN2 is significantly better than the Nova in terms of overall power, cohesion, delivery and attack - a very robust integrated amp and highly recommended,

Many moons ago I went from SuperUniti to SN2 + ChordHugo DAC.

SN2 + Hugo DAC was on another level in every department. It made the SuperUniti sound flat in comparison. Almost like comparing 2D to 3D. Everything was just more real.

SN2 is a superb integrated.

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Another vote for the Supernait from me. I owned a Superuniti for some time, and I was happy with it, but I think you’ll find the SN2 is a significant step up.

I compared a SU to the Nait XS 2, the XS 2 won by a small but significant margin.
The SN2 beats the XS 2!

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No experience with the SU but have been using the SN 2 for the past couple of years and love it. If you can find a second hand SN 2 I don’t think you would be disappointed. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to demo at home.

I started with an ND5XS then upgraded to a NDX and then again to the NDX 2. I also had a pair of ProAc D2’s and moved on to the following:

NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400

I also have no interest in the SN3 since I have no need for a phono stage.

Good luck with your decision.


Wow - what a prompt response. Thank you all so much for your thoughts on my SU/SN2 dilemma . You have certainly helped to make up my mind and I shall be searching for a s/h or refurbished SN2. I take it that anything advertised as B grade from Naim is a good bet from a technical standpoint although I do accept there may be cosmetic blemishes (but not too many I hope!).

Unfortunately I do not any longer have a ‘proper’ hi fi rack. I sold all my gear some years ago including Roksan Caspian amp/cd player etc in an attempt to ‘de-clutter’ our living room. The Naim ND5 and SU seem quite happy on separate shelves of my TV stand together with B&W 707 S2’s. I know - not ideal but sometimes you have to compromise.

I have been very pleased withe SU and ND5 - the end result is I think superior to the Roksan amp/Linn speaker kit I had before - and it looks like a SN2 will improve SQ further. Once again thank you for your valuable advice and I look forward to reading and contributing to threads where I can.


A dedicated rack is preferable, but as long as you don’t stand one box on top of the other, it’ll be fine.

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The SN3 is on the same architecture than the SN2 and is not different except for minor stuff. For me, the SN3 correct the flaw of the SN2. The SN2 is awsome its true but the SN3 is better. Not by a big margin bur a very welcome upgrade.

Why isnt like that for you ?


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