Does the Naim App run best on iPhones?

I finally have to buy a smartphone.

Does the Naim app run significantly better on iPhones than on other phones?

If so, I may get the oldest iPhone that can run the (old) Naim app for the foreseeable future.

But users of iPhones and iPads will need to be running at least iOS 13.1 to run the new Naim and Focal app - so I suppose I should get an iPhone that can run iOS 13.1 - which I think came out in about Dec 2020.

Does that makes sense?

I mainly need the phone for Google Maps, YT, Naim app, Outlook and browsing.

I tried running the app on an Android device for a while and it was fine, but the fact that many different devices from a variety of brands run Android means that getting an app to perform consistently on all of them is not so simple. Apple devices by comparison have a single brand which makes both hardware and software so they are a safer bet, and the Naim app was developed for them.

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I would get an iPhone that will run IOS 16 if I were you. Then it will be longer before you have to replace it as a consequence of a design decision by Naim regarding their app.

I’m not meaning to be snippy about Naim. Just saying what I would do myself.


Are you running the Naim app on anything at the moment and if so what streamer are you using? With Android you’ve always got the option of Bubble UPnP rather than the Naim app. I rarely use the Naim app now other than for firmware updates and internet radio.

one oddity I’ve spotted…when using Tidal via the app it looks to be limited to 50 tracks? For example the Bach St Matthew Passion on the Tidal app is 68 tracks long, but when I play it on tidal using the Naim app it only shows 50 tracks? Am I doing something wrong?

I prefer the Naim app to bubble.

I run it on an iPad.

So using a phone to run it would not be very important - in fact I could easily get a phone that can’t run the Naim app and still be fine.

I have an ND5XS2 (as per my profile).

Not sure - I switched from Tidal to Qobuz when I sold my 272.

forget all the ridiculous iphone propaganda. if you dont use the phone for much else then just get the cheapest iphone or android phone that will run the app. It will work fine on both.


I agree. Older versions of IOS won’t be supported by security patches forever.
Here is a list of phones which run IOS 16 - starting with iPhone 8.

Think of it as a hand held computer that you can make calls on. @JimDog


One issue is that you won’t be able to download the ‘old’ Naim app from the App Store only the new Focal Naim one.

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I bought an Ipad because my Pixel phone was so slow. With a Virgin Hub/router, the Naim app was a revelation on the Ipad. Since moving house and I am now using a BT Hub/router, some of the sluggishness I found with the pixel phone is now apparent with the iPad. I believe others have mentioned this problem with BT hubs. That being said, in my experience, the Apple version of the app is mostly better than the Android version.

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My wife has an iPhone SE (recent model) which will run IOS 16 and it was pretty cheap for an apple device. It’s not got some of the bells and whistles of much pricier models but for the intended use case it must be worth considering. They’re available refurbished, too, at a substantial discount, but not sure how much of a risk that involves.



My wife has one of the latest SE too. It’s smaller than the standard iPhone which she thinks is too large. The only downside is that the camera is very basic, but if someone isn’t buying it to take photos, then it’s to be highly recommended in my opinion.


iPhone SE second generation or later is good, but the first generation won’t run IOS 16. My kids run older refurbished phones and these work perfectly well.

Thanks Roger

I use as a backup I use an iPhone SE that used to belong to my mother-in-law about 10 years ago.

It’s stuck on software version 13.3.1 - but I don’t think it would work to run Google Maps in the car, which is the key job I need it to do.

I’m going to go into a SH phone shop in town today to discuss what they have.

My wife once had a SH OnePlus phone from that shop that worked well.

On reflection, this phone really just needs to run Google Maps - that’s why I’m getting it.

If my iPad breaks I’ll probably get another one, so will run the Naim app with that.

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Just get the new SE2020 and a refurb can be picked up cheap with a decent warranty. I recently switched back to using an iPhone first time in 7 years or so. Not because I feel it’s better as it’s not it was just the best deal I could find for a half decent phone we had several phones die in the family so could not spend a lot and in the end it’s just a phone I don’t need the latest cpu or camera to listen on the move and check forums. So I got 2 refurbs as new from a known service provider with full guarantees for well under the new price they have been faultless.

As for the Naim app I do feel it runs better on iPhone but I hardly use it to make such a call. It had a different look to the Android one maybe it’s that?


Do you buy those locally or online?

I need a bigger screen for reading Google Maps in a car and at night.

(I have a cataract op coming up and bad night vision).

Only advantage for an Apple I can think off is that the ios version of the app has an integration with the rovi database for some info on the album that is playing.
Don’t know how much you value that.
i had an old iPad I used for the app and it was horrible. Slow,wifi was very unstable and it crashed for no apparent reason. App on my android phone ran perfect. So ipad was dumped and a cheap Android tablet bought. Never been happier since.

Online I got mine via GiffGaff.