Does Your System create Emotion

Sitting just listening. The sound is wonderful. It’s not just the music it’s how it makes you feel. Is it just me


Absolutely true, its not just you.

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I am glad it’s not just me. Music is my first love as some chap once said


Yes, if it didn’t it wouldn’t be doing its job.


It is almost a Panacea for me.
There is almost nothing, at least emotionally if not also physically, that music can’t help me to endure and emerge from.
That and my Cats :cat2: :black_cat::cat2::grin:


It adds quite a bit of emotion when the better half finds out I’ve added another bit


And some people get quite emotional when the Naim toroidals start to hum


So you don’t agree with Ratty then? As you may remember from ‘The Wind In The Willows’, he thought that there was nothing, just nothing, to compare with messing about in boats.

(One of the best books ever written.)

I couldn’t agree more with the comments here, if your system doesn’t draw emotion it just isn’t enabling you to connect to the music. I have often wondered what it is that always brings me back to music and having a system that can convey it in a way that I need it to. I think with music, you can tap into all emotions and it can vividly take you back to past times and events, clearly something in the way our brains work, I have found nothing else that has the ability to enable my brain to recharge and literally focus on one thing, what I am hearing. The beauty is, music sin’t going any where and hopefully how we listen to it doesn’t change too much, i love a good system!


I don’t think my system creates emotion at all, but it freely enables music to play, and music conveys emotion - some more than others of course.

The speakers are a key part - with some music a lot of emotion is conveyed with deep pedal bass notes, and removing or curtailing takes a lot out of the music.

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Never really enjoyed “Boats” of any kind to be fair and I don’t think Ratty would get along too well with my Cats🤣

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For me, it’s the music that creates the emotion and a system that is more revealing and transparent is better at getting out of the way and letting the music do its thing.

This discussion rather reminds me of the Beecham quote: “The English do not really care for music, but they absolutely love the noise it makes.”



Second only to Three men in a boat, the only book I have ever laughed out loud at while reading on a train.


The music I play through it creates an emotional response in me.

This I believe is due to a combination of the artists, producers and engineers recording them. Then there are the components of my system playing what was recorded in a way the conveys what was recorded. For me, it is all stages in the chain that contribute to my having a greater or lesser emotional response to the music I listen to and all are equally important.


Perfect. Emotion is life

Your right, it’s not just the music, its also how much the blooming thing has cost you in time and money

But well worth it!

If your humour is anything like mine, you owe it to yourself to seek out WE Bowman’s ‘The Ascent Of Rum Doodle’, which I wrote about elsewhere on this site a few weeks ago in conversation with bhoyo, I think. It is a spoof on mountaineering books that were being written in the mid-War years, before Edmund Hillary’s team ‘bagged’ Everest (I hope that I’ve got the terminology right there).

I was in physical pain occasionally when reading the book from laughing so much. At times, I just had to put the bl**dy book down and howl with laughter! I won’t say any more. You’ll be able to find it on your usual Amazon site.


What I like is listening only to audiophile recordings, concentrating on soundstage, black background, micro details and extension of the bass.


I hope that the last post was meant in humour.


Either way it was funny :joy: