Donald Sutherland gone

Donald Sutherland has died and I think he deserves his own thread. Brilliant actor and a constant as I was growing up. So much to choose from but Kelly’s Heroes, Don’t Look Now, MASH and Klute spring to mind. Thanks for the films



Sad news
Sorry to hear that

Kelly’s Heroes is a favourite :+1:
The Mechanic (2011) also springs to mind

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I’ve been watching the film 1900 for the last two years an epic - he’s brilliant in that too.


RIP, a very fine actor in serious and comedic roles.


Fabulous actor. A Dry White Season has always resonated with me but there are so many others; he was great in the Mechanic too! RIP

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A sad day, a brilliant charater actor.
For me he will forever be Mr Bennet.

And Outbreak which was hugely popular here during lockdown!

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One of my all time favourite movies and performances!


RIP. No more negative waves.

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I’d forgotten about Pride and Prejudice. He always had that twinkle in his eyes

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Very sad to hear this. Don’t Look Now and Eye of The Needle were two of my late Sister Sarah’s favourite films. I liked them very much too, but Kelly’s Heroes, MASH, and The Eagle Has Landed were my favourites with DS in a key role. RIP Donald.


A true legend of film, thanks for all the great movies Donald, R.I.P.

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Very sad news.

The problem with film stars is that you alway remember them as appeared on the screen in famous rolls, such as Mash, forgetting that that was half a century ago &, that just like us, they age at exactly the same speed.

In our minds they will forever look young men & women so death is always a great shock.


Great actor. So many great film performances. A magnificent legacy. RIP.

Very sad news. So many fine performances over the years but the one that sticks in the memory, seen back in the day, was his unlikely but memorable main role in Fellini’s ‘Casanova’. Evidence of great range and versatility.


I must admit one of my acting heroes (per my avatar) has passed – not forgetting performing with Kate Bush. RIP Oddball, Hawkeye and many others.

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting - Official Music Video (


Was just about to mention Cloudbusting.

It’s strange but I was surprised how well he looked as ‘The Hanging Judge’ in Lawmen: Bass Reeves on Paramount+ recently.