Downsizing.. again

Hi folks!

Due to a new moving to Madrid I need to downsize my setup.

Sold my ATOM and went for a Luxman SQ-N150, a pair of klipsch Heresy IV and Luxman PD-151 TT… then sold the tube amp and bought a 590AX II (oh my, this is supreme). Then sold Klipsch and got a JBL L100 Classic, very nice ones. For DAC/Streamer used the fantastic Auralic Mini.

Now I’m looking for a downgrade? at least in size and space. Contemplating these amps, all-in-one.

-Back to the nice Atom.
-NAD M33
-EVO 150
-AVM CS 2.3 (read great reviews but not into CD listening).
-Hegel (I guess is H390 model)
-Or any of the lyngdorf

For speakers:

-ProAc T10 Signature
-Sonus Faber Sonetto or Lumina
-Larssen 6.2
-Another good bookshelf to mention?

Mostly play Jazz, Soul, Funk, Blues, some rock and 80’s music.

Thanks in advance

I’d say Nova - really good all in one. You can get A grade ones for much less from dealers. Naim service always amazing too. As for speakers, best you audition them with the amp of choice as it’s personal preference. I’d be keen on the sonneto from the list you provided. Since you asked, maybe the B&W 805 d3/4 or 705 signature.

I’ve heard the atom, owned the star and now nova. Had them against the B&W 707s2, 705s2 and now 805 d3.


Speaker wise have a listen to some Spendor 4/5s which are fantastic bookshelf speakers.

If you want to raise your Aries Mini to a whole new level attach a Chord Qutest to it and just get a small amp!


How about Atom HE edition with suitable active speakers? There’s loads to choose from at several price levels. I know ATC, but they’re probably too big. However, most manufacturers have them in their portfolios these days.


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From the above I would go for the Proacs T10 (and they are just so pretty, probably one of the most beautiful small speakers to me at least) and demo a pair with the Nova? Other speakers such as the Falcons or another LS3/5a type could work well in my experience.

If the Sonus or Larssen I would go for the H390 (but add a dedicated streamer)

Have you considered the Atom HE and active speakers?

Never listened to the B&W, they are warm? punchy?


mmmm thing is to have all in one box, good enough to make me not miss the Luxman setup :slight_smile:

what’s difference between Atom HE and normal one?

Always wanted to listen to the Spendor bookshelf range, had once T10 signature but plugged into a 300B which I didn’t like, but love them! Also Had an old SF Concertino MK1 very sweet but grainy and recesed.

Depends on the generation. I think the sounds changed. All I can describe about the new d4 series is that they are neutral and very open. A little forward too. The d3 was more coloured, maybe slightly livelier.

It would effecrtively be one box . Atom HE with Acoustic Energy AE1 Active speakers would I’m sure be a good discreet system and good value too .


Someone has offered me the normal ATOM and Proac T10 signature for 2.100€ like new. I guess is a good deal.

Do You prefer it over the LS50?

If the Nova is within budget, which it presumably is, as it was an option in your original post, I’d go for that. The Tablette 10 is not hard to drive but would be so much better with a Nova rather than Atom. The extra power and quality will work wonders. The last thing you want is small speakers that sound small. With decent electronics up them, the little ProAcs are a total delight.


As a left of field idea, What about the Tab 10s [sigs] powered by a 500 system as a principal system?


Why not? Forum member @GraemeH uses his with a ND555, 552 and a 250, soon to be 300. You can get a lot of quality in a well designed small speaker the size of a shoe box. In the right room it can be a great solution.

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I will give it a try. They should arrive later this week. The room us not huge and it might just be the right way forward. I will post the results


Give them a good 75 hours or so and they really are the gift that keeps on giving. They are so musically communicative and, in the right room, sound much larger than their size would suggest.

I have ND555/552 & 250DR and have no desire to change them. I’m sure they will relish the 300DR at Christmas.

Good luck.



Assuming the Atom+ProAc aren’t your cup of tea: since you’re considering Larssens, then maybe also Shahinians…

I have a pair of stands which fit Kans - I think they are Kan stands but the seller did not know. Are they likely to be suitable for the Tabs? Are there any stands which are aesthetically pleasing to go with the Tabs?

Graeme has the Custom Design stands. I wasn’t very keen on them and ultimately settled on some that I had made by Something Solid. I also tried the Solidsteel stand but we didn’t like the look. These are the Something Solid stands. Like Kan 2 stands but solid, and smaller. Whether they are aesthetically pleasing I don’t know, but I think they are great.