DR upgrades discontinued

I just noticed this on Signals website. Apparently shortages have made Naim discontinue offering new upgrades. They will honour existing bookings. There’s no date on the announcement so not sure when it came out.


Glad I sneaked my two Supercaps in before Xmas… :grimacing:


Nightmare. Wanted to get my 500 serviced and upgraded !

I feel lucky I had my kit upgraded recently.

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Maybe there’s something better than DR en route


Oh dear. That is not good news. I can almost feel the disappointment

Hmm. Is this the end of the dr tech. I have a feeling the classic range’s days are numbered but I would be really disappointed if support for them stopped or there was no valid upgrade path

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Perhaps DR upgrades will be reintroduced when the general situation improves?

Naim need a public relations person.


Good as my none DR 300 sounds excellent, serviced in 2019 there’s plenty of life left in the old dog.

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Great but that kind if stuffs people that want to do a DR upgrade. No interest from my side but let’s hope the whole serviceability of the classic range will still be possible or is that also going to be a thing of the past

I would suggest that Naim need to make a formal announcement about this, particularly regarding if DR upgrades are permanently stopped, or are being temporarily suspended due to shortages of DR components.

This still appears on the Naim website:

‘Not only does this enable the work required to be ‘booked in’ for a time-slot in the service department – ensuring that, for example, a power amplifier requiring the latest DR upgrade is out of your system for as short a time as possible –‘

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It can’t be double bunce, fill your boots, forever.

Naim have formally announced this to their dealers and distributors yesterday. FWIW I think it has been on the cards for a while as certain components in the DR modules have been in very short supply which has of course had an adverse impact on production and caused items in service for DR upgrades to be delayed. That being the case, it makes commercial sense to prioritise for production as demand is still high and lead times are long. It says that any items already in the system for DR upgrade work will be honoured.

Hardly the end of DR tech. The problem is getting some of the components in the quantity required to fulfil demand. Lately, a bit of a nightmare, so I’m told.

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Suggestion: If this is temporary due to the situation and they intend to continue when possible, SAY SO IN AN ANNOUNCEMENT. It’s really not that hard :slight_smile:
And if it’s impossible to predict, say so as well


Let’s not get in a stew and start shouting. It’s hardly the end of the world as we know it. Naim have told their dealers. A customer’s interface with Naim is via their dealer. It’s all fine. Calm down.


What about Naim announcing the reason for the cessation of DR upgrades to their customers (via the website for example) and if there are plans to reintroduce DR upgrades in the future?


No mention that it’s temporary or a “suspension”. I would guess that if things improve then they may revisit this and offer DR upgrades again, but right now, that’s it. Every upgrade program comes to an end some time.

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Not intended to shout. My kit is newish. It’s just hard to see how difficult Naim are sometimes making it for themselves with poor communication.