eBay buyers beware

All - just browsing eBay and came across a couple items that don’t pass my smell test, something more pungent than fishy going on here.

Notice the similarity in the pictures, identical racks, even down to the well dodgy timer switch in the corner and the piece of plywood on the floor! Of course they can’t actually be the same racks, as (apparently) one is in Newbury and one is in Malvern - who’d have thought it, identical racks, decor and rooms 100’s of miles apart! Dodgy email addresses too - don’t touch these with a bargepole folks

Should we boycott eBay? I have been deceived quite a few times on eBay!

I have a neighbour who buys and sells naim hi-fi on eBay, and he’s a great guy. Sadly its like every walk of life, there are those that want to scam someone else, be it hi-fi, coins, pensions etc

For me, its hard to beat a dealer experience when buying, but I have sold stuff successfully on eBay

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I’ve not usually had a problem with buying from eBay (though I have never bought Naim equipment there). I did, however, get scammed some years ago when I (thought I’d) bought a NAP 300 on Craigslist. Nothing turned up, no responses to contacts, banks (his and mine) not interested. Nor Craigslist.
Though I must admit this one seems dodgy. What feedback did this (or these) sellers have?

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A few more similar images have turned up and look equally suspicious. So many things wrong with the listings. Perhaps they are genuine sellers but they are not doing anything to help me trust them.

I have bought several things off eBay, including Naim (only from dealers), but I have let a few things go because I didn’t like the look of the listing. I would rather miss something than lose my money to a bottom feeder.

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Different sellers and feedback appeared good, but they aren’t normal eBay listings. They are classified and you deal direct with the seller, who have different and ‘interesting’ email addresses - I wondered what nos 1-76 sold…?

I bought my 172 via EBay and the experience was good. The streamer/pre-amp has been looked after and recently serviced by Naim.
I believe I reduced the risk by making direct contact with the seller including a couple of phone calls and collecting rather than having it posted, Entirely appropriate given the amount of money involved.

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I thought exactly the same. This seller has popped up a few tines in recent weeks. Always with lower pricing than one would expect and no option to Buy It Now, to bid or to make an offer. Just “contact seller” on some dodgy email address…

Do not touch with a barge pole…

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Mike, please don’t post email addresses or live links to online sales on here. Thanks.

Apologies Richard - I will remove them. The intention was to warn fellow forum members

Ah - just noticed you’ve done so. Thanks.


No problem. Thanks Mike.

Another one just appeared.

A 252 for £1600

“Contact Seller”…

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Now that is very reasonable, I would be much tempted. :slight_smile:

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A NAP500/PS500 for 2,700€ on a well-known French auction site…

I’ve recently sold a fair bit of my Naim kit on eBay
I always insist that the buy comes and collects and pays cash
While it limits my appeal to buyers …it makes me feel safe and I’ve met some really nice people and had no problems

Living somewhere remote I find sellers that do that quite irritating! Sending is no more of an issue, provided Paypal not other means of payment they are protected, likewise also provided things are shipped fully tracked and insured, for both parties’ sakes.

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I make no apologies for selling that way
It takes longer to make the sale and get the right buyer …which is irritating for me!!
But it works for both parties
I can demonstrate the kit
The buy can look closely and be happy with the kit… everyone happy

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It’s certainly a perfectly good way of doing things - though it only works if you live in a city or largish town/conurbation.
Out here in the middle of Devon I would only get one or two bidders - if I were lucky. Good for them, of course - it would go at a very low price unless I put a reserve on it.

I’m in a small town stuck out the way on the east coast
It’s always a buy it now price (set fairly)
Take it or leave it…

Never had the situation where nobody has been interested / bought
Perhaps I’m just lucky …or you underestimate buyers

Depends as well on what is being sold, and value. I was happy to drive about about 400 miles extra just to audition a pair of speakers someone was selling on eBay - but if I wasn’t already on a trip I’d have to have been very certain they were right for me before travelling. I didn’t buy straight away as I had others to audition, but on concluding my trip I did buy - and arranged courier collection as the extra 2 days and several £hundred to collect myself was too much.