Effects of recapping

I just had my Nap 300 from 2011 recapped by Latham Audio. The difference in sound quality is not subtle: much stronger and clearer (mid)bass, much more clarity overall without edge, better sound stage depth, better decay of played notes. And it has only been playing 12 hours so - according to Latham - it may still improve a bit more…

Looking back, I should have done the recap sooner. I didn’t because I was not sure what it would bring. I searched for ‘recap’ on the forum, but found no clear description of the effects. I also noticed that the mentioned age intervals for recapping vary.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that I buy my equipment used. Therefore, I had no experience with a new box in my system and room.

Would it be possible to add a clear description of the effects as a ‘sticky’ topic? Maybe even add some recordings of before and after?


The effect is massive - that’s what I also remember.
But keep in mind that your system was offline for some time and after first start it always sounds so good (in my experience).
Classic boxes should be serviced between 10 - 15 years - yours was well within this range. All perfect.

I have a 2013 552(ps) which I am also thinking about bringing it to service


Hi @ariwur - welcome back to the forum.

Naim Audio is famous for having a brilliant service dept going back for decades and looking after their customers by servicing Naim components of any age (where parts can be sourced).

The only official agent of Naim in the UK is @Darran of ‘Class A’ Audio in Sheffield who gets approved parts from Naim to conduct professional service and repairs for his customers.

Servicing Naim gear includes far more than just replacing capacitors.

Anyone else offering to service Naim equipment will not be recommended by the moderators of this forum as these third parties’ quality control may not be adequate based on safety, legal, warranty, or sound quality criteria.


Note that servicing is more than just “re-capping”. There’s more information on here in the FAQ re. service timeframes;

Recordings wouldn’t really tell you much if anything, and there are copyright issues anyway that preclude their use.


Latham Audio is the distributor for Naim in Belgium and the Netherlands. I reckon Naim would be OK with them performing the service. Not sure how that dynamic works :slight_smile:

I reckon I will also have my kit serviced soon. Most if it is now getting close to the 15 off years mark. It all depends on price if service per box, or if thinking about an upgrade afe could then be more worthwhile.

@ariwur Happy to hear about your recap-adventure panning out! Definitely makes me anxious about doing the same :slight_smile:

Ah - thanks for letting me know that.

It’s good that @ariwur is pleased with his service experience.

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Looking forward to it!

500 - 2100 EUR
552 - 2100 EUR
NDS + 555PSDR 1700 EUR


Man, I’m definitely sticking…

Unless I find a newly-serviced 552 at a price I can afford (unlikely but y’never know) :melting_face:

500-series services are in the highest band I think. It makes sense considering parts are higher quality. Insert car analogy here :wink:


Hi Richard,
I used ‘recap’ but meant ‘service’. I’m sure Latham Audio knows what must be done.
Regarding the guidelines: your excerpt shows exactly what the problem is: 8-10 years… a 25% difference.
Re recordings: Alpha Audio reviews various components and puts recordings of the sound on their website. It is possible to hear differences with a good pair of headphones! I meant recordings of sound before and after a recap.
I fully agree that Naim offers top service for even very old equipment. I was just thinking that it could help owners of equipment in the beginning of the time range given by Naim to determine whether it is time for servicing and help them understand what they can potentially gain in terms of SQ.

Oh dear
But for 500 and 552 it is service for both ps and head unit - correct?

Yes and same for 552. Both boxes. Roughly. Haven’t found a 2024 price list.

Price per box.


I replaced my Nap300 with the Nap250 from my second set a while back. Preferred the 250 over the 300 before the service, but now the 300 is clearly better.


A while back I bought 52 SC 250 (sc and 250 with fresh service).
Put 52 in (instead 72) and thought… hmmm. Changed my unserviced 250 with fresh serviced one… oooops

Do you know when it had been serviced previously?

Yes - mine had been serviced 2004 - bought 52…and 250 in 2018.
14 years time vs 1 year

Maybe I am being a bit dense, but how would that work with a recapped power amp? I thought the headphones took a line level input, so bypasses the power amp.

The 250 is from 2013. It has not been serviced.

They play music via a system with a component under test and put the recording on the website. You can then play that recording and listen via headphones.

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So £900 to service a cd555psu ?