Electro/techno suggestions

A very special era for electro trance music, and for digital dance music from a production whole IMHO (1995)

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Quite a long intro, stick with it

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Listening to Stephen’s track and - bam - a flashback to 25 years ago and the realisation that my sis didn’t just borrow and lose my Sasha/Digweed Northern Exposure mix CDs - but there was a sequel that I’d totally forgotten about. And this was in the mix, and she’d lost these too :sob:

More Oliver Lieb from the early 90s. This was on a Billy Nasty mixtape that came with Muzik magazine and got totally worn out


Lovely D’n’B track here.
Skanna - Find Me (Classic Skanna Mix)

Signum - First Strike (Original Mix)

When it gets going it’s a belter

Been a little while since this last needed a loud airing again.

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Stumbled on this via Roon. Love it! Well worth a listen! Fusi & Johnson - Just do it

Most of his stuff is too EDM for me, but there are the occasional/frequent belters and the production is always amazing


I just got this:

It’s very chill.

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A recent find while listening to some of her albums.

Haven’t seen much in the electro/techno section for a while, so here’s one from a jazz/funk/electro master:

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Saeed & Palash - Watching You (Original Mix)

What a banger!

Oh my my. This is such a good thread…so many head trips here! I’m a big electronic music fan and I just did not know where to start. Sticking purely to Detroit Techno, then James Stintson’s (Drexciya) The Other People Place deserves a mention:

And for purely Technos, a few names here not mentioned in the thread yet (most are of course :slight_smile: ):

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Yes yes @TOBYJUG . Ron Trent! You can see that I’ve been listening to a few of his albums this last few days:

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That all looks super spicy. Yumm

There’s a Desert Island Disc right there, a personal fave and standout production.