Electro/techno suggestions

I Feel The Rhythm, great tune, used to play this a lot back in the day.

Weekend warmup time

This is a cracking set from K&D at AB… It a few years old now but its still one of my fav youtube listens…

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Elecronomicon is a great album…

Ha ha. Cheers @TOBYJUG. This whole thread is superspicybonusbeats! :laughing:

Hello @Mr.M. Production values. Totally agree. Which track/artist/album are you referring to :slight_smile:

Setting off early tomorrow with the family camping for two weeks. Just listened to this on’t MacBook Pro speakers. I will. listen again through headphones by the campfire tomorrow night/morning :smile:. looking forward to this…thanks @Mr.M

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Yep. Cracking K&d set. This just has to be watched AND listened to. I have a chrome cast audio puk plugged into my nDac via optical. Guess what I will be playing via the 'tube in two weeks when I get back from camping! :laughing: :laughing:

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The Other People Place

One I find myself revisiting, worth a listen.


So last century … but still magic :blush:

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Burnin’ Up (Excursion 2)

Happy Sunday, I am UR

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An oldie but goodie to roll out the weekend on.

Happy Monday, time to get the kettle and your acid on.

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BT and Sasha Electro mash up from 1998.

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Listening to an old friend this morning. Another near and dear friend Celyn, does a lot of Luke’s artwork including on this one.

Nice. £55 Lord of Acid Giclee print. I might take a punt :grinning:

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Belief, Belief.

Boom Bip and Stella Mozgawa (from Warpaint)

Was recommended by Piccadilly Records a few months back, been pre-ordered, turned up this week. Also on Qobuz.

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Sorry for satellite delay @Mr.M - just got back from camping holiday.

Now then, The Other people place. Gotcha. Aye. Production valouzzzzz! :smile: