Emma Raducanu


What a star :grinning:


Such a talent indeed.

I think we should manage to spell her surname correctly! She’ll soon be British number 1 at this rate. Fantastic performance today.


Hardly a hanging offence though…Having heard her name as a kicking ka over the last few months, naturally assumed the obvious :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently she already is British no. 1 after today’s win.

She managed to keep her nerves under control this time (maybe she’s had some help since Wimbledon). What was refreshing was her simple, natural and very open presentation of herself: it is impossible not to like her regardless of how good a tennis player she is. I wish her every success!


Next match 9pm New York, 2am UK
The stats dont mean anything anymore, given her progress to date; the current Tokyo Olympics gold medallist Belinda Bencic (no 12 in the world rankings) was beaten in straight sets.

Yeah, given all the interest now I suspect she’ll be smashed and then everyone can wallow in their ‘nearly’ and ‘plucky’ headlines…

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Well. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Wow, she’s won the semi-final, and in straight sets! Mind you, she’ll be against another teenager in the final…

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Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Off to bed now!

Well - That was brilliant. Up at 5 AM for the match here on Sunday Morning. 4 hour break between Ronaldo’s Return and that!


This young lady is a credit to her parents, her country and herself. She really has it all, talent, temperment and a sunny disposition, grit and determination … a real star :tennis: :star:


Well said Sir, I second this.


Absolutely - and all without the (I’m sure faux) grunting and groaning that others employ.


Neither of then deserves to lose given their performances so far.
But being a Brit I’m rooting for Emma


I am so pleased this story is getting top billing on the news. It’s refreshing to get a positive headline for a change.
Well done Emma, just one last push !


Doesn’t appear to be on UK TV?? Or even clips on BBC or Sky website. Am I missing something?

She seems to win when I don’t watch anyway, so I’m not going to start watching now.


It’s on Amazon Prime 2100 on Saturday night,
As is all the us open, Watching Jamie and Joe in doubles final right now

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