I’m probably coming over a bit Victor Meldrew but unless you’re under 12 you should really be able to describe what is you want or how you are feeling without resorting to the use of Emojis.

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You are of course tempting people to respond with Emojis. I will resist

Yes you could have gone with the old winking Emoji there GadgetMan.

Nah, Bob. If you want to use them, use them. Forum posts, texts, emails etc are notorious for failing to convey when someone is kidding, being sarcastic or whatever. :man_shrugging:


One of the great satisfactions of sight impairment is that I just have no chance of understanding them. Even making them bigger doesn’t work. They just look sinister. Great fan of gifs though.

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Oh, that hadn’t occurred to me - life lesson learnt there, thanks

One of the things that cause problems online tends to be the difficulty in reading the tone of someone else’s post. Emojis are a way of adding some nuance and tone to the words. I also tend to think they help make up for the lack of non-verbal communication so that posting :grinning::grinning: tells someone that you found their joke amusing in a similar way that a smile or laugh would, without writing “That was funny, I smiled”.
So for me they have value, or maybe my plan to stay youthful into my dotage is working.




Emojis are for twitterface sub teens, not required in adult forums
Yes I’m a fully functioning bah humbug, crusty ol’ git, but if I need to make myself clear in basic simple forum web email communications by using them, time for me to quit.

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not required in adult focused forums

@Mike-B So emojis are perfect for this one then… :kissing_heart:


The perfect example. I’ve literally no idea what conceit that face is meant to convey.

@Mike-B They are just graphic shorthand, please don’t quit!


No clue.

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A picture paints a thousand words…

Maybe an emoji doesn’t quite have the full impact of 1000 words but it can be an efficient way of communicating sentiment that would otherwise need a rather clumsy rider to be added to the substance of a posting.


No, don’t worry, no intention of quitting, I’m just a crusty ol’ fart, past sell by date & doesn’t ‘get’ emojis, or the LOL stuff.

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Aw c’mon, they’re just a bit of fun … lighten up, perhaps, peeps. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Would If I could read them.


I agree, though sometimes if making a comment intended to be humorous but potentially capable of being misconstrued it can be helpful to add a smiley (or variant thereof). This perhaps applies most when responding to someone whose first language isn’t English, when nuances may be more likely to be missed.