Error code 425? Uniti Atom

My Atom has been behaving itself for the last week or so, but now I’m having issues rebooting it on start up.
If I understand correctly, the power button flashes give the fault code?

If this is the case, it is 425.

Can’t find this fault code anywhere.

You should really contact via email or call +44 (0) 1722 443405.


Thanks - will give them a call

Thanks for the advice.
Have spoken to Naim - they have no idea what the fault code is, but potentially linked to streaming card.
I swapped the power cord over to the original Naim light and it booted up straight away. Can’t understand how this would affect the unit, and neither could they. I was using a Kimber Power Kord - Clearly I will stick to the Naim one for now. Potentially a higher current using the Kimber?

If it does it again, I will send it to be serviced.

They did say that the next firmware update is expected to be released this week by the way.

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They did a while ago:


Yes, I have that intermittently on my NDX2. As @Suedkiez has kindly pointed out there is a fix.
This happened three or four times just before Christmas, I now also have the front display permanently displaying one LP cover. I’m reluctant to restart the NDX2 in case I get the streamer board issue and can’t resolve with the suggested fix as it has taken a few attempts previously. Life in the modern age.

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The stuck cover on display issue should most likely be fixed with the next firmware update soon. And I seem to remember that the initialization issue is somehow related to that whole firmware mess and IIRC also expected to be fixed then.

I had the issue twice on a Nova and once IIRC on the NDX2, both months ago. Two times, only a factory reset helped, one time it went away on its own after a series of forced reboots. However, when these happened I was not yet aware of the procedure in the post that I linked above, so could not try that


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