Errorcode : 238

Hi All,

I’ve been using my naim unity star for over a year and had several firmware updates. With the latest update to 3.4.x the unit ran into a fault 3 times in 2 days. It won’t respond to the app, remote, or unit itself. I can only unplug the unit for a reset.

What could be wrong ?

regards Martijn

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You can check this thread:


It’s happening to me all the bloody time. Anyone know what’s going on?

If you have not done so call or email Naim, this did not occur in beta testing of the latest firmware. If you can send a screenshot and as much detail on what happened and what you were playing, server, tidal etc so much the better.

Worth trying a full factory reset

Hi All,

My unity star was trialled for the last week with a HDMI TV connected to it. The fault could not be reproduced in the audio studio store. I had about 4 freezes prior sending it to the store. I was informed that naim was aware of the faults and is working on a new firmware version. The previous firmware was restored and after 6 hours of playing I had no issues so far.

I hope to hear/learn more about it soon.


Great, brand new Nova arrived today to replace a unit with buggy software and boom I get error 238. Why do I feel Naim need some focus on software bug fix and less on new feature development?

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