"Warning Error Code 238" Uniti Nova

Hi, this is my first post on the forum.

I’ve got a Uniti Nova and since the recent 3.4 Update I’ve had 4 incidents where I’m getting “Warning Error Code 238” on the screen with power button flashing and the Nova is totally unresponsive - I then need to turn it off at the mains plug to restart, as no other buttons respond as it’s totally frozen. This has happened when using Qobuz through the Naim app on my Android phone. Music will suddenly stop and then I get the error code message.

Has anyone else been experiencing issues since the update?

Cheers, Will

Hi Will, i am sure Naim would be interested in you bringing this to their attention. I suggest you email them with your account of the problem, and please do send the picture, and explain exactly how, when it happens etc.
Naim do not read every post on the forum. The email is at the bottom of the forum page.....support@naimaudio.com .Best of luck, hope it is sorted soon.

Hi Gazza, I’ve notified Naim and they’ve asked me to try a few things, which I’m now doing. Was just curious if anyone else might be having similar issues. I’ve had my Nova for 3 months now with no problems, until this new update. Thanks for the reply!

OK…glad they are on the case. Sounds unusual.

It happened to me once too when playing Tidal.
Seems to work now

Hi, i’ve had the same problem today while playing Qobuz via the Naim app. No response at all, not even 10 sec. power button. I had to disconnect the power and restart, all working fine now.

Best call or ring Naim

@Will seems a few are getting this error message on Qobuz with their Nova, just thought you should know.

I’ve had issues when using radio, HDMI and Qobuz. Sometimes it freezes with the ‘warning error code’ message with power button flashing, other times it just freezes. It’s happened 8 times now. Naim support have advised me to take my Nova to my nearest retailer to have a look at it.

Hi Willard,

I have the same symptoms on a Unity Star whilst streaming spotify and tidal. Had no issues before,

Regards Martijn

Hi Martijnn,

Hope you get it sorted. I’m waiting patiently for the return of my Nova from Naim repair.

All the best,


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Yes, just happen to me for the first. Listening tidal through roon. I have the uniti nova.

Hi Will, thanks. Yesterday I brought the star to the dealer to have it looked at.

Hi Will,

Same issue on my Uniti Nova since firmware update to 3.4
Was playing Tidal and suddenly this error came up.
Then playing radio same problem.

Hi Carper,

Hope you get it sorted. I’m still waiting for mine to come back from the repair shop. Will post on here when I know the outcome

Since the update I’ve had this Error Code 238 on my Nova, also problems with screen freeze and remote unresponsiveness, something must have went wrong via the update.

I guess you’ve booked your Nova in for a service?

No I haven’t, I just unplugged etc it as usual when I get a fault, I guess Naim will get around to fixing it via another update. Will give my dealer a call next week and check out if it needs a fix.

I have 2 yo Uniti Nova, with “Warning Error Code 238”. Upgraded firmware about 2 weeks ago, worked fine. I was playing an HD recording from Panasonic pvr/Bluray player, used Mute briefly on Naim remote, then either remote or Nova became unresponsive, swiftly bringing on error code. Could not power down by holding down on flashing Standby button, nil response. So detached power cable and emailed Naim service. The Naim app on my iPhone did however, affect the volume - then the error code.

Is there any harm in rebooting after an error code? My dealer is 4000 km away in Sydney, so sending Nova in is not my wish…