Ethernet cable oddity?

Now here’s a weird one. I’ve got two lengths of AQ cinnamon, one from router to ee8 then the other onto innuos zen mini mk3. One is 0.75m the other 1.5m so how come having the shorter run between router and switch sounds meatier than the having the longer one there? The longer one in that position sounds thinner…. Madness ,fiction or something else?



Oh no… please.


Oh yes…


I’ll start. Don’t bother with wired Ethernet, WiFi is much better.

Right, that is my evening’s entertainment sorted.


Henceforth, thou shalt be known as Naughty Nigel, forsooth. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:


OK, but you must admit there isn’t much on the telly, and I am not a fan of ‘Strictly…’


It’s physics!

That 75cm of extra cable in dialectic is delaying the electrical signal by approximately 2.5nS and that’s why there will clearly be an audible difference.

Nigel’s suggestion of using WiFi is ridiculous as pushing the signal through dirty air will cause issues. SWMBO has invested in a Dyson air purifier to solve all WiFi issues in our household. To our ears it was equivalent to a box upgrade on our SuperUniti.


Not sure where you live but Buckinghamshire air is very clear and great for WiFi.


And … … … here we go. :smile: :popcorn: :popcorn:


It’s really simple. The shudups get lost or tired in the longer cable. Normally the shudups will reach your brain through the ears. But because of the longer cable makes them tired they just got reflected from the inner walls of hour skull and leave through the eyes.

Glad I posted!


I was just thinking, that exotic elements to be added to the indoor atmosphere might be a new place to go for optimizing and tuning the audio SQ over WiFi…
… but I guess this cannot compete with the air purifier. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

(How about humidity? Water has a real effect on radio waves…)

Maybe take recordings of the different playback and try in a week or so again.
And compare the recordings.

I would upgrade to Vodka Full Loom!:crazy_face:

Seriously - i would just settle on which configuration you immediately like best and then give it all a few weeks to bed-in…

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We’re not. :shushing_face:

You’re still here, Neil - guilty pleasure?

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Does the thinner one sound longer too?

I might regret getting serious here, but could it be purely down to dirty terminals that have been cleaned by the action of removing/reinserting? Thing is put them back again, and does that change anything

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Yes…being serious for a moment……sorry, I can’t :rofl:

At least laughter is better than knocking lumps out of each other….which is how ethernet cable threads normally end.