Euro 2024

With the Euros starting less than a month and Gareth about to announce his squad. Here is a thread for all of us football fans to UNITE behind our respective countries and discuss the tournament, please no mention of players clubs and residual banter about teams.


Sod’s law at least two of his picks get crocked in Australia or at Wembley in the coming week…

Yep. I mean the 1st team pretty much picks itself he’ll obviously have Pickford in goal, Walker, Stones, Maguire, James in defence, Rice at 6, Bellingham 8, Foden behind a front three of Saka, Kane and Bowen that would be my starting eleven I suppose there’s an arguement for Grealish or Gordon on the left but Bowen would be my choice.

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Good call Bob.

I hope that our team - The Netherlands - quit the tournament as soon as possible. How we came up with this team and coach is a mystery to me.

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I can’t see James going, not been playing most of the season. And I’d rather he carried on with his fitness programme ready for August.

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I can’t see who he will pick over him and apart from the silly red card he looked pretty fit to me. We will find out soon enough.

Marc Guehi now fit and playing full matches

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James plays the same side as Walker so couldn’t see James being 1st choice. LB would be Shaw (if fit) then Chilwell (If fit).

I think for midfield and attack, we should be one of the tournament favourites. I just worry that our defence might not be quite the same standard. Will be fun to find out :grinning:

Personally for me both Chilwell and Shaw are not good enough for our starting 11 Chilwell has fallen off a cliff and Shaw though a Southgate favourite hasn’t played since early February.

I agree with @SiBrighton our defence is a real issue and isn’t on par with our midfield, attacking options , James has played on the left I believe admittedly only once or twice but I suppose Southgate could go with a back three of Walker, Maguire and Stones and play an extra man in midfield which could help with our defensive problems and push Bellingham further up with Saka and Foden on the right and left.

Crikey Bob, i agree with your eleven. Talk in the Beeb about Rashford - are they ‘avin’ a larf :rofl:

Our defence will ship goals. We have little chance in this tournament.

Pessimist maybe. Realist I think.

Careful now, Woy…a Gooner and a Spud in agreement….could be the downfall of civilisation. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I heard that about Rashford too and it isn’t beyond Southgate to do something so ridiculous
I joked with someone at work about Southgate taking Sterling as well but again he is capable of picking completely the wrong squad in my opinion.


Picking the team is probably not that hard (left back aside), but getting Foden, Bellingham, Rice and Kane to play to their considerable strengths will be. Foden has never been as effective playing out wide. Southgate likes two defensive/holding midfielders. Palmer not playing seems a waste but where would he fit; too many attacking midfielders? Oh, and please not Grealish prancing about and then…passing backwards.

Can Walker play on the left, allows Trent or James on the right in a back 4?

How about 3/5/2.
Trent/Saka/Rice/Bellingham/(one of Gallagher, Gordon or Palmer)
Foden, Kane

There is potential cover for most positions except for left back and defensive midfield ie Rice. Just hope he stays fit as no obvious alternative.

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I hope players get some rest after a busy and physically, mentally and emotionally tough season

We’re all doomed,
Doomed I say

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Or Eze?

Talk on Radio 4 this morning that Southgate might recall Eric Dier for defensive duties

An extremely accurate description :rofl:

For all of Eric’s weaknesses, is he any worse than Maguire ?

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