Euro 2024

I think Shaw replaced Trippier.

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Because some of us on the forum dare to express a different view?

Continuing the “I’ll have the last word” game, I will say it was a valid penalty. Now I’m just going to stick me fingers in me ears and sing ting-a-ling-a-loo!


Tbf a lot of this does now seem a bit ‘let’s have a debate about the debate, while debating the merits of having a debate. Or not.’

Let’s perhaps just look forward to the final now. I do predict a cracking match.


Hey… pssst… an English hand touched the ball just before the non penalty :partying_face:


Let’s all just get behind the team it will be an excellent and exciting final.


Whichever side of the decision you’re on (of most decisions), a still that seems to support your view can be found.

Probably most people, but not me.

Sorry about my earlier reply to you. It was rude.

That’s brill. Two pictures literally showing two players with full attention on the ball; both going for the ball; minimal impact seconds later. Under the current interpretation of the rules that cannot have been a penalty. Notably, the VAR explanation provided failed to address the rules at all bit of we’re looking for consistency, good or bad, this certainly hasn’t been the tournament for it.

But… it was a penalty… and for once the final will be something to genuinely look forward to.

Every Welsh bone in my body wants an English loss BUT, from a footballing perspective, I genuinely hope they win.

The Spanish are fun but not as good as the hype. Yamal has produced arguably the moment of the tournament but notably under performed outside of that. Kid can barely pass straight and his elbows are out of control. Williams has made poor choices repeatedly when one on one and is begging to be exposed. Others get worked up about Kane dives. Have you watched Rodri? Hardly needs to swap shirts post match as he’s had a chunk of shirt or short from every player he’s been within touching distance of. Indeed his tackling technique is to grab the shirt; pull the player in and then use his feet. This apparently is all to be admired. Morata has been running on empty for months. People have criticised England for only having “moments” but the Spanish have about six runners and pressure carrying the rest of them. Only Olmo and Cucurella emerge with credit for consistency and brilliance so it’s amusing the latter has become a German boo boy for a decision which was clearly correct.

Ultimately though I hope England win for Southgate. He was learning as a club manager and quietly learned even more as under 21 manager when he got this job. He’s taken a job that the fans and media have made close to impossible and shown that it can be done. He’s the most successful England manager now by some distance and one only has to read back on the reaction to those group games on this thread to see how wholly misunderstood and under appreciated that is. The reality is that England have just played a tournament exactly as you should. They started slowly; did what they needed to do and performed when the need arose. It’s textbook stuff and if people can’t see that then I genuinely think they’re watching the wrong sport.

Those people wetting themselves over Germany putting a few goals past Scotland turned out to have no idea. Spain have beaten an ageing Croatian team; struggled to beat the worst Italian team of the last two decades and ditto that magnificent, er, 1-0 win against Albania. Their biggest win? Against Georgia. Flat track bullies perhaps? Still people purr away.

If they thrash England then good on them. Can’t help thinking they’re not actually good enough to do so.

No problem at all.

My point is that 4 years ago and more, that wouldn’t have been a penalty. The Euro 2024 has seen a big change from the first 20 mins of the first match with Scotland. People were getting booked left, right and centre. There’s the standard, deal with it.

Official UEFA’s rule suggests that it is a clear case of foul if a player prevents their opponent from playing the ball for ‘fear of getting injured’. Playing recklessly and in a dangerous manner, even without any physical contact between players is still a punishable offense, that will see a free kick or penalty kick being awarded.

The whole tournament has seen players with their arms behind their backs in the penalty area. As soon as that high kick with the studs went in, it was pretty clear a penalty was going to be given. If it was the other way round, I’d be criticising our English player for being a prat and getting us knocked out.

It was a 2024 penalty and I’m glad. It’s going to be great Sunday.


When I see coaches and managers on the sidelines talking to their assistants and players they always seem to cover their mouths with their hand…? Is it because there is this fear that someone on the opposing side or any one else may be able to translate and lip read what they are saying; sort of the spy game in football…?:male_detective:

I think it’s so the cameras can’t show their lips so people / media can’t lip read what is being said

Astute article on Southgate by Nick Ames in todays Graun is worth a read.

Gareth in cosplay shocker

Embedded video



Success is ultimately measured by trophies in football. Southgate is NOT the most successful England manager since Ramsey. He is, arguably, the best of all of Englands unsuccessful managers since 1966.

Like all of the others he has won nothing. That may, of course, all change on Sunday…


It could be argued that Gareth Southgate come Sunday could in fact be England’s most infamous manager ever with two lost European Championship finals and one lost World Cup semi-final to his name.

I’m just hoping all sharp objects are securely locked away and pubs and councillors are on standby. :grin:

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Yes, but you will be able to go round the M25 without seeing a single car :red_car: (well maybe a few)


Is it on free to air?

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Yes the whole competition is on free to air throughout Europe.