Eurovision 2024

The Netherlands entrant sent home, the Irish entrant not doing rehearsals, the French entrant making speeches, it looks like it’s going to be fun. I’ll be watching in France and trying to make sense of what’s going on.

Bring it on!! 22 minutes to go.

The Dutch disqualified, don’t forget that.

It’s a bl@@dy shame.

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The scoring should be revealing.

:timer_clock: tick…tick

It should be fun for all participants and entertaining for the audience…

We’ll be watching, though mostly out of idle curiosity.

I’m sure they’ll keep the politics out of the actual transmission, but the controversy won’t exactly harm their viewing figures, will it?

Such cynicism in one so young…


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I predict a distinct lack of anything decent :joy:


Graham Norton apologised there was something wrong with his Mike at the start
I said there still is I can hear you. :wink:


You all need to be aware of the Bluesky account @eurovisiondrinking dot com
It’s pretty funny!

What a load of rubbish Eurovision is. Non Political what a laugh.
About time it was scrapped it’s too OTT


Some people likebto watch it, it is popular.
I don’t watch it but if i had to choose between that and football it wins hands down.


Will Israel get more public votes than the UK?

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Eurovision is a great laugh and it makes people smile… much needed in these times!

Watching but conflicted… not wishing to make it political but the ebu have made a mistake I feel. They may feel israel can compete but do not stiffle others who feel they should not be permitted given russia’s previous exclusion.
Latvia’s ‘hollow man’ song has a depth of meaning that will be lost on most of the audience … hope Norway donwell, like germany’s entrance and good luck to france.

Does that mean you can vote for the UK ?

For my part, I look forward to when the spectacle is over and hopefully no attacks have taken place, the security arrangements are the most expensive in the history of Eurovision…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’ve been boycotting Eurovision since I learned of it… :joy:

but especially this year!

Everyone gets more votes than the UK.


Not with a U.K. SIM it seems.

I’ll be rooting for Armenia, I have this album by Ladaniva in my favourites.

Not that impressed with the contest song. Although only heard it once.

And some.


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