Experience with ndx2 ps555

Interesting… well overall the NDAC/555PS has a more refined and higher quality analogue conversion stages, from the Naim PCM1704K design pattern through to the discrete current to voltage and analogue filter stage.
The digital filter algorithms are the same, but the NDX2 uses a later SHARC processor I believe.

But sound preference and technical sound quality are two separate matters… so you might find the NDX2/555PS provides the performance you are after.
Either way you will likely find the NDAC/555PS quite a weighty punchy sound. I liked it… and ran with the NDAC/555PS for a few years… but that was with my non-DR 555PS. I was not as keen of the NDAC using my 555PS DR.
But of course the NDX2 is an integrated streamer and DAC… so is more capable. You would need a streamer or other transport to use with the NDAC.

Hello Claus. I have no experience with the NDAC so am unable to comment on performance. I currently use an NDX2 and recently added the 555PS DR. I borrowed a dCS Bartok from my dealer to compare and I have stuck with the NDX2 with the external power supply. Read from that what you will.

The NDX2 without the 555PS DR is only 60% of the potential performance of the unit. In fact the NDX2 on its own is rather disappointing. The addition of the 55PS DR is a revelation. See if you can dem at home and let your ears decide.

At 60% of the performance for 40% of the price, I would say that represents pretty good value. Although if I’m honest, quite how you can put an absolute numerical value on the sound quality of any audio gear is beyond me.

This is very interesting. Actually I have 2 choices:
1 buy the ndx2 and sell the ndac and use the 555 ps on the streamer. With the current unit at my dealer this is very close to buying a new nd5s2 or what the smallest streamer is called and keep the ndac and ps 555 using it on the dac.
My guess is that very few people have tried these 2 kombinations, but your experience with the ndx2 and 555 is very temting even though the dac should be better on the analogue side compared with the ndx2.

You have to remember the terrible diminishing returns the more you move up the hifi ladder. When this is taken into account these numbers looks very possitive for the 555 in terms of cost and sq.

I’ll be in the same situation as @Claus in the future, when I decide that it’s time to include the new Naim digital Tech in my system, and when Qobuz is available in Canada. I have an NDS, which I love, and many people seem to love the sound of the nDac as well.
I got my 2017 NDS for such an excellent price, that I think I’ll just add the ND5 XS2 to the system in order to use the new digital Tech. If I had the nDac, I would probably do the same thing. @marcusman has that set up I believe, and is quite thrilled with it.
Just some thots …

I run the digital output from HDX/555PS into NDAC and recently compared it to NDX2/555PS.

Whilst the NDX2 did sound good it didn’t sound as smooth to my ears as the NDAC. Running digital output from NDX2/555PS into NDAC however improved things even further which correlates with what others have found regarding the quality of the digital output when using NDX2 as a digital transport.

I agree with this - IMO even though the NDAC is around ten years old it is still a great source given a good enough digital input.

Did you prefer the 555 used to power the HDX/NDX2 rather than using it on the NDAC? I would have expected it to bring more gains when powering the DAC.

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I don’t find it disappointing. Likewise, I too find it strange to put a percentage on ‘performance’, but what you can attribute numbers to is the price of an NDX2 & 555PS - £13,000.

Same here especially with my 555PS DR which I used with with my old NDS.

Yes, to my ears the NDAC sounds better when the 555PS is used on the digital transport which I know is contrary to accepted wisdom.

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Interesting…it’s always good to challenge accepted wisdom!

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Yes, I’ve been over the moon running the ND5XS2 into my pre-loved nDAC. Someday I’ll find a PS for the nDAC but honestly with the recent addition of the EE8Switch I’m in no immediate rush. @Claus I believe @JimDog is the most recent person who added a 555PS to his nDAC and has been a very happy camper.

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Did you compare the nd5x2 with the ndx2 in terms of quality when used with the Ndac.
Even with the good sesecondhand price my dealer has on the ndx2 the nd5x2 is cheaper, and the loss of a screenmeans absolutely nothing for me. The only thing I think I would like with the x2 is the buttons on the front you can preprogram to start radio stations tidal or almost anything that can be saved as a favorit in the app. Or maybe I am mixing the x2 with other streamers?


I personally never did, others have IIRC. At the time I couldn’t afford a new NDX2 and upgrade my speakers/amp at the same. I’m used to and prefer controlling everything via my iPad to be honest. The second hand nDAC kind of fell into place for me.

I compared them into a Chord Dave. Just get the ND5XS2 would be my advice.


I was very tempted by the ND5XS2 but was concerned about the lack of a remote rather than the screen. We have the TV running through the stereo and I wanted to be able to switch to TV without having to find the iPhone. It’s also nice to be able to press stop on the front if needs be.

I did speak to a dealer who had an nDac for sale for £750 and asked thick was best - NDX2 or the XS2 with nDac and they were very clear that the former was significantly better. Whether everyone agrees is something else of course! Once I’d decided on the SN3 I was also swayed by the fact that the NDX2 is the same size. I know. Shallow.


Size matters :sunglasses:


I have a NDac/555PS DR and very happy with it. I am sure it is only me who did this but I went from NDS/555PS DR to the NDac and was much happier. Had the NDS for over 2 years but over time just felt like it didn’t sound like a top streaming device.
No experience with Innuous or other servers but used mine with Unitiserve and now the Core.

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I’ve been using a ND555 for over two years but have had a couple problems with it in the last twelve months on the first occasion the dealer installed an NDS whilst it went back to Nain on the second occasion he loaned me a NDX2.

I thought the NDX2 with the 555ps sounded superb I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was highly recommended indeed.