External SSD for SuperUniti

I would like to connect an external drive with my music to the SuperUniti front USB port. Ideally I would like to connect a 1TB drive. Is this supported? What format should the disk be formatted as?
I previously tried a 200GB drive formatted NTFS but the SuperUniti did not see it.
Tips welcome. Thanks.

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Hi, it needs to be fat32.

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Hi, the USB ports on 1st gen. Naim streamers are not intended to be used with storage devices other than relatively small capacity memory sticks. Even then you can’t browse by metadata and only get a rather basic folder view.
You really need a UPnP server running on your network to stream music files to the Superuniti.

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Thank you. I will try this software. I tried FAT32 formatted using a Mac, no luck. Will report back.

Yes, I understand that it will be a folder view only. This should suffice for me.

I do run a UPnP server. Unfortunately the network connection in the room where the SU is rather weak and I don’t have the option of wired ethernet at the moment. I will be using the external drive until I can get wired network.

FAT32 through the AOMEI Partition Assistant did the trick! Thanks so much.
I am enjoying listening to many of the higher res albums from my collection again.

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