F1 - 2023 Season

It is not always about having the most powerful engine. Often it is about having an engine that delivers power in a manner that allows the chassis designers and drivers to get the most from it, be it down to drivability or reliability. The Ford Cosworth DFV was not the most powerful engine for much of the time it was the most successful.

RB also placed a lot of emphasis on size with Honda. Preferring a slimmer engine, to aid with aerodynamics, over a more powerful one.

RB’s switch from Renault to Honda was a plotline in the first season of Drive to Survive. I believe part of the draw was also that they could effectively become a works team and have more input on engine packaging whereas Renault were much less flexibile. RB moved to Honda then Renault poached Danny Ric. Meow!

Imola GP cancelled because of weather conditions. No GP this weekend.

Ah good. Finally they make a good call about safety.

View from RB hotel (found on Reddit)…


The poor people there, first drought and now this :smiling_face_with_tear:

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They tried to create good conditions for Max a bit too much …

Surprised they’re not just hosting a ‘virtual’ GP instead. Right up the Disney Strasse of current management.

Whilst I was looking forward to the GP, the cancellation was the right thing to do and it is good that F1 didn’t dither about it until Friday morning.

More importantly, I hope that the population of the affected area get the emergency help they need and ongoing support over the next months.


Inappropriate comment.

Errr. Given I live in London I do know about rain.

Wow. 13 people killed so far and 13000 been forced from they homes. Have a bit of empathy!

You are correct, I have now deleted my original post. In my defence it was posted before the most recent heavy rain and heaviest floods, but as you can see it is now removed. Sorry @Richard.Dane


Honda in F1 → Honda out F1
Honda in F1 → Honda out F1
Honda in F1 (2026)

You’re missing a couple, Honda’s been in and out of F1 four times, entering for a fifth:

Monaco coming up. Is wonder if Aston Martin (Alonso really), has a chance to win? I think they might be have the best car for slow corners.

You’re right, as always :wink:

Aston very serious with Honda tie up but will Alonso still be around in 2026 and Lance lead driver :thinking:

Then again maybe a Leclerc or Norris might be available

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That quali was more exciting than any of the races so far!