F1 - 2023 Season

A bit of luck in Q1 and Oscar would have been further up the road with his teammate.

Best race of the year so far imo.

I was hoping it was going to rain so Max has a better chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

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He blinked. :face_with_peeking_eye:
I was hoping he’ll get the podium. :frowning:

This is less surprising when you realise the other car was an Alphatauri and they declined to attend the hearing. Now what is the connection between those two teams?


Alpha Tauri has said publically they were not invited to attend the hearing and didn’t know it had happened until it was finished, which could cause a suspicious person to wonder why this happened.

Regardless of how this played our vs how the media reports it he got two reprimands.

Let’s say he got a grid penalty as well what would that have achieved. As he drove pretty much through the grid 1 and a half times during the race and was lapping 4 secs faster that LeCLerc at the end of the race what if that changed his placement at the safety car, which was the worst it could have been as it was. Could that have meant he pitted with a better result and actually won the race or ended up on the podium?

While the worst it could have done was cost him a position or two and a few points. So the strongest result it could have had changes nothing aside from a point here and there while it could have upset the lovely result we saw on the weekend.

I don’t think it really matters how it would have affected the race which happened afterwards. In the past when we’ve had discussions about Hamilton getting a 10s penalty in a car that was at least 30 ahead of everyone else that was the common view here. A penalty should be universal for everyone, regardless of how it might affect the driver concerned.

In this case, didn’t the report by the stewards also say that similar incidents from previous races were compared and no grid penalty had been given there either? That would make it consistent.
I also wonder if it helped that he openly admitted he was at fault there, both in the media right after it happened and when seeing the stewards. Perhaps that made them be a bit lenient?

Not too concerned about how Hamilton was discussed here nor disputing that a penalty should be universal. Simply stating that a penalty may actually have worked in his favour this time.

@n-lot In retrospect my reply may have come across as harsher than I intended it. They should most certainly apply the same level of penalties to all drivers.

No worries.

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Max swinging his massive **** around in free practice today. Normal service has resumed methinks

Oscar Piastri looks like a serious talent. McLaren looking decent.


Now if someone could just take out that Red Bull car. :grin:

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I think you’d need the FIA to do that :wink:

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Rumour mill that Liam Lawson is in at Williams next year to replace Sargeant who has not impressed it seems. Though they’d be giving up a few dollars in releasing him. (At the same time perhaps saving a few in repairing bent cars…)


… and driver. He’s head and shoulders above the rest whatever they try.


Max might/could get a flat tire, have a bad day or just get beaten by a better driver/car. :smirk:

I enjoy this race it’s in our time zone.


Up to this point in the sentence you were talking about things that could actually happen :laughing: