F1 - 2023 Season

Hamilton and Perez out in Q2.

Toto Wolf is a total gravy train sucker.

If they want authentic street track racing, just get some cones and put them out with some diversion signs.

Surprisingly it was a good race. The razmataz beloved by the USA citizens I could happily live without. So in the end, it was getting close to 50% sport and 50% show. Hopefully next year the hype will be less and the sport will be above 60% of the weekend.


The weekend was good from a race point of view from an arm chair in theUK. However if you paid to go it was a bit of a disaster Friday being told to leave after only 8 mins of racing.
Max was incredible again, he drove at another level again. We are watching a total master class all year with hardly a mistake.

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Vegas is a great success and the show isn’t over since they have been sued for 30kUSD per visitor who missed the first training.

Great show ahead!

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I know they said Lando was released from hospital with a good bill of health but he looks totally mashed here…

Yes it was a pretty good race but I did not feel any audience excitement in the background. They might be a totally different type of spectators than usual F1 race goers.

Also post-race interview area was a bit of a let down as if they ran out of time/or money. Would have been nice to have the usual cool down area after the race.

I thought they gave everyone 200$ gift certificate towards merch. 30KUSD per visitor? that’s a bit much.

Somehow I like this.

I watched some of it from the comfort of my own home and still feel like I’m owed a refund. Completely soulless and devoid of any emotion.

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I think it’s potentially a good race. It’s a circuit where Red Bull cars are not dominant hence the interesting race. Better than Monaco. Let’s hope the learn from it and get it better.

Yeah, agreed, sounds like your remote’s off button is broken!

(Sorry could not resist, teeheehee)

it’s a bit rich. I doubt they will get what they are asking for.

Yes it was but the race itself was good.

Well tbh I missed most of it and only got to see the last 8 or 9 laps. :grin:

You missed all the fun!!!

But hey, I do agree, despite the exciting race I don’t think it merits the huge circus around it all.

It was on at a really odd times, we’re use to get up early or in the middle of the night but it caught me by surprise.

It is, but it’s not more ridiculous than the $200 gift voucher for their own store. I’m guessing they’re hoping to meet somewhere in the middle. (Which would still be too much)