F1 - 2023 Season

This is precious. I LOLed when I have heard Max’s reply. :laughing:


Yes and the times there! Around midnight! No wonder the drivers were complaining. Think it is gonna be especially hard on them to get into Abu Dhabi timezone zo quickly.

I was expecting it on early Monday morning (our time) like most events in the US. It’s was on some weird time on Saturday night, obviously the neighbours don’t complain much. :grin:

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That’s why they built the whole thing there :laughing:

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To be fair to him, when he saw the footage after the race he admitted that the penalty was fair.

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Perhaps a stop/go penalty to be served within 5 laps could be an idea. Clearly Max had an advantage with clear air knowing he had a fair chance to gain over 5 seconds making a mockery of the rules

Oh, and I loved his hypocrisy at the end singing viva Las Vegas and saying how great is was following his previous comments. Maybe he was leant on by Horner and F1

Hadn’t LeClerc already overtaken him by the time he pitted?

I think it’s two different things. The racing turned out to be good, and he was happy to have won after an (unexpectedly) eventful race. To the extent I’m aware his criticism was mostly of all the stuff around the racing.


From Sky website. You would think that Ferrari should have more points than Merc looking at these stats.

Mercedes vs Ferrari in F1 2023

Mercedes Ferrari
Points 392 388
Wins 0 1
Podiums 7 8
Poles 1 7
Two-car points finishes 14 13
Laps led 19 117
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What a load of b… He got the penalty anyone would have got. And had a car and skills that could drive from way back with a damaged front wing and won. What scuppered Le Clerc was the safety car.


I found this really interesting. Particularly the bit about Porpoising.


Stirring the pot.

“Horner reveals Hamilton Red Bull enquiry earlier this year”

“Lewis Hamilton’s representatives contacted Red Bull earlier this year about the seven-time world champion driving alongside Max Verstappen, Christian Horner has claimed.” SKY.

I am sure that come contract renewal time Hamilton’s representatives contact all the top teams as a matter of course. If for no other reason than due diligence rather than actual intent for a move. I expect this is normal practice for all the representatives of drivers and Horner as normal is just making statements to cause a stir and hoping for media coverage. Sky as always jumps on anything that acts as clickbait.

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I would think come contract time, all (top) drivers will be contacting all the top teams. In the end they want the best car and/or best chance to win, I think all of them pretend there’s more loyalty than there really is. Hamilton left McLaren, Verstappen was thinking of leaving RB during the Renault era, Vettel left for Ferrari and there’s a ton more examples.

In this case we have the added factor of Hamilton not having another decade for a project to mature to claim his eight title. He needs to be in the team that he thinks will offer him the best chance (and has a seat available).

I know one F1 agent with high profile drivers in his portfolio. It is a constant contact with all teams and all drivers and managers. Full time job.



More Lol.

It’s all just clickbait stuff to get more views. I think that Max and Lewis have great fun and are drinking mocktails together at the moment whilst watching a fashion show (on request by Lewis).


Not sure. Egos at stake.