Fault 61?

Can anyone tell me what “Fault 61” stands for? I was trying to tune in an iRadio station and got that notice and it locked up my Uniti2. I switched from a LAN connection to the internet antenna provided. I had also just added a T-zero REL sub.

Try the search and type in Fault 61 - this has come up a few times before.

This was an NDX but it will surely be the same with a Uniti 2.

The usual advice is to do a power off restart, but if that doesn’t fix it, then you are probably looking a repair.



OK guys, you put me on the right track. The nut that held the antenna in place was loose so when I put the antenna on it broke the tiny wire inside the connector and I was able to cut back the tube and expose some wire and solder it together. Also when I did the search for fault 61 two posts came up, neither were anything about the 61 error but thanks ever so much for that sage suggestion.

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