Faulty Naim Uniti Nova Blew Up my Kanta Nº 2 speaker, help on what to do next

966km from Lisboa to Madeira it would take a little more effort than 60km, I would pick my car and make those 60km to the representative in Loures and get the speakers myself.

Yeah… i wish that was an option, and that was the first thing i asked when last week they told me the speakers would only be sent yesterday , but unfortunately the box of the speaker doesn’t fit in my car.

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Maybe you could hire a van for half a day?


At this point i first need to get a reply from them as i have no idea what happened, and, as this isn’t a store, i cannot simply go there.

I didn’t get a reply to my email and i’ve tried contacting them today through their telephone number but no one picks up… This whole experience is looking more and more like a soap opera. :smiley:

I reckon these get fixed it’s up for sale this would shatter my faith in the product.
Different aged drive units etc. :-1:t2:

So, new chapter to this. I was able to finally get in touch with the distributor, the speaker was indeed sent on the 21st, so they are not at fault here, but for reasons unknown, it is still stuck with the carrier.

On the 1st day, supposedly there was a problem with the driver, now on the second day, the carrier doesn’t even know, but the fact is that the package is stuck on their warehouse. The customer service of the carrier told me she opened an incident, so that this could checked into. So basically, i have no idea when the speaker will be delivered.

I think i have to take a bath in salt water, to remove the bad energies :grinning:. luck isn’t on my side these last couple of months i guess… :upside_down_face:

Well… better days ahead.


I’m loss for words. I got a contact from the carrier saying the package would be delivered today.
I checked the tracking number and confirmed the package was indeed in the van to be delivered today, and was even able to track the whereabouts of the van. Since the package wasn’t delivered in the morning, i sent them an email asking if the package was going to be delivered today, and they assured me the package would be delivered in the evening. So i waited all day, and no Kanta. I sent them an email asking what’s going on, and got a reply saying that due to “operational limitations” the package wasn’t going to be delivered today.

So, besides 3 days of the package not being delivered, the kanta was carried around all day long in the van, to several dozens of places, and let’s see, when it does get delivered, the condition of the package and the speaker.

I’m just speechless, this is absolute madness.


Courier delays are pretty common theses days, as they are very busy. But tomorrow for sure will be a happy day😎

This is a 24 Hour express shipping with paid insurance, so, it’s all but common. The package should have been delivered on tuesday, and worst than that, it has been out for delivery on two different days, and in both of them, was carried around in the van to several dozens of places.

FWIW one day I came home and found one bass driver of my beloved old TDL Small Monitor Compacts hanging out of the chassis. The connected now-dead amp was a Rotel RB-1080 (blown output transistor)

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Funnily enough my nap180 is the one that killed my naim allae’s scanspeak tweeter, everytime when I switch it on and off. Suddenly one day it just stopped working on one channel.

What a horror story. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Have your speakers now been delivered? Have you been able to connect and enjoy them again? I really hope all this will come to a happy end soon. :pray:t2:



Why not apply for a job as chief engineer at Naim? You know more than they do apparently.

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Back in the line, after me please.