Nova Exploded this morning!Literallly!


Tried to turn it on this morning. Would not power on, then load bang come out of speakers and Nova started blowing smoke from rear panel.
It has been 10 min and smoke still coming out…
So safe to say 2023 started with big Bang!

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Exploding literally, means it will have burst apart…
Sorry to hear that - not a good start to the year. Now comes the part of determining what caused it, and whether it has damaged the speakers…

So, not quite a supernova…


I have always a strange feeling about Naim when I read things like this happening.

Not very long ago in this forum a user with unity atom fried a pair of kanta n2. I have also had my quirks with 2 of 3 Naim devices I have in my home.

That could be isolated issues, but in my view this kind of issues are serious and giving some negative feelings about Naim.


Any tinsel or conductive material fallen across the speaker terminals leading to a potential short? That’s a sure way to blow up an amp and happens a lot, as most dealers will say. Many years ago, I saw my boss blow up a Linn LK100 due to working while tired and having the banan plug of another lead fall across the terminals. Instant fireworks.

Terrible luck, whatever the cause. Try not to read any larger omens for 2023 into it.


Sounds to me like it was indeed a dying star. :man_shrugging:

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Last night all was perfect.
This morning I saw only MuSo on network while Nova was missing. Noticed that on/off button was off. Turned Nova button on and that is when smoke started coming out of it. At the same time I heard bump noise at my Neats before drivers popped out and staying out. I disconnect all cables immediately, Neats drivers popped back in while room was filling with smell of electronics melting and smoke coming out for another good 10 min or so….I checked speakers with AA battery and they seem to be good, it pushes drivers out when battery is connected. Will connect my old Creek amp tomorrow and recheck again.
Note I have in ON mode at same power point Naim Stageline, Creek CD 50, Rega P6 and DVD player and everything else seems to be fine.
I have video of smoke coming out of Nova but not sure if videos can be uploaded here.

Kidding aside, I really hope you can get this sorted out. It sucks to have a dead system.

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This isn’t good, and not the first report of such an event. Is it still under warranty? In which case a call to the dealer should be the next step.

As my granddaughter reminded me “that’s not a shooting star poppy it’s a meteor”. :grin:

Unfortenutyly not under warranty . It was 2019 model.
Already spoke to deler…wonder what Naim will have to say about this…hoping a ‘little’ discount on new Nova or amp/streamer will make me stay with the brand! (Do not think Nova is fixable with amount of smoke came out of it)

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This should be reported to the dealer and factory. Warranty arent to protect the consumer from things blowing up and the possibilty of causing a fire. A letter from a dealer should elicit a response. 2019 seems like NAIM would want that unit back and maybe investigate the issue ,replace your unit and recall if necessary. Easier for them to be proactive before lawyers would poont out indifference towards a loss of life.


If you registered your Nova with Naim online you should be covered for an extra 3 years over the usual 2 year warranty, which would mean you’d be covered?


Judging by the time difference i think the OP is out of the UK and therefore not covered by extra warranty. Hopefully a proactive dealer can get Naim and the distributor to remedy.


Sorry to hear this. Any smoke here would usually be down to something like a tant blowing when some components fail they can certainly make a pop or bang and can emit smoke quite alarmingly. Perhaps @NeilS has an idea of what it might be here.

First step should be to contact your dealer.


Impossible to say what may have happened without seeing the unit - indeed, depending on the extent of the damage, it can be impossible to ascertain the cause at all.
As Richard says, contact your dealer.
Hope you will be able to resolve the situation swiftly.
That’s not a good way to start the new year. :sob:



They can, though it depends on the format. if using the Discourse app for viewing the forum, try the symbol that looks like a picture of mountains and sun. I don’t recall what it looks like when using a browser, but it should be there somewhere.

The description reminds me of my original amp using Sinclair Project 60 modules, the output transistors of which (and a resistor or two) would blow quite frequently - basically any overload, which at only 30W used to be easily achieved!

There’s also the possibility to load the video on YouTube first , then link it here easily. I know you know, but the response is for the OP.

Or take a few screenshots from the video and place here possibly

Hi there. You are not alone mate

My Nova in “standby” blew up on the 15th December and took two speakers and a subwoofer with it! It went DC.

The speakers were completely smoking out and my living room as well. Could have caused a house fire!

Anyway to cut a long story short the dealer and Naim have been great so far.

The speakers are to be repaired replaced and a new Naim Nova is on the way. It was a real shocker to say the least!

I hope you get your Nova sorted :wink: