Favourite Naim Gear


I have such good remembrance of the CDX2+XPS+NAC282 combination. I had to be at the 555+552+300 to really feel an important improvement.

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The ARO and Armageddon go really well together JazzMan

With me until I depart this planet

Nobody mentioned 'em I don’t think. But I give a nod to IBL’s. And I’ve sadly never owned a pair !

And the magnificent 72 of course… :laughing:

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That always felt like the pinnacle of Naim before the 500 was launched. I managed to get there a year or so after that. I’m happy to stick there.

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When you use to come to Sydney in your Naim days Richard did you ever meet Nick Barovsky who was the first retailer for Naim and Linn in Sydney and I believe even Australia?

He had an outlet called Riverina Hifi in the northern beach suburb of Brookvale

He staged quite a number of hifi shows and that’s where I was introduced to Naim in 1979/80 purchasing my first naim system from him.

Once the digital era hit he shot through to the northern NSW town of Lismore probably around 1986 where he originally became a banana plantation farmer but ultimately got back into the audio game and for last 15/20 years or so has had a hifi shop The Audio Room in Lismore . Only sells turntables , no interest in CD or streaming

Unfortunately the recent floods wiped out the entire town centre ( from memory twice) but he’s up and running again in a new location

Just thought you may have met him, he met JV and Ivor , use to tell me about them

Really nice guy with a real passion for music

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My fave Naim gear has to be the system i have right now. It’s incredible in every way and i can draw so much pleasure from it.

If i were to really point a finger at the heart of it all then i would say that my NDX 2/SN3 and n-SAT/nSTAND/n-SUB are the jewels in the crown. Fantastic.


Bevo, I can’t recall. I met so many people on my travels around the country with Stolly, but would have been this century.

It has to be the NAC 12SP and SNAPS DR reported by Darran on the CB thread which I now own. It is a proper dual rail set and 729 boards and straight through phone boards bring it right up to date. It sounds superb and I don’t really miss my previous expensive pre-amp as only need to unplug one input and plug in the CDS 3.

NDS, 300DR, ND555, 500DR, CD5 XS/nDAC -

My Favorite Naim Gear is what I currently have: XPS DR, NDX 2, Hi-Line, HiCap DR, NAPSC, HeadLine, NAC 282, NAP 250 DR and NAC A5.

If other Naim gear was my favorite I would have it in my system.


CD555 PS for me and just for the size of them… Burndy cables lol

Better than an nDAC?

No Jim, but fed directly from a Mac mini, it’s a wonderful music maker.

The nDac was designed and optimised for a different role, at a different price point (twice that of a DAC-V1)

For all that, the DAC-V1 just gets on with the job of turning a mac mini’s output into engaging music, year after year. That’s why it’s one of my all time favourite Naim boxes.

Best regards, BF

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Similar experience in my case as well - ever since I bought it like 4-5 years ago, I have been changing different components of my system and currently it is considered the “weakest” link in pure cost perspective, but that’s about it, there is absolutely nothing weak with this little box. I thought it will hold my system back somehow and I was considering buying a DAC from a different make at some point, but as soon as I put the Morgana IC between the V1 and my SN2, it did show once again what this box is really capable of.

I am glad I did not let it go, there is such a nice synergy with my amp and my speakers that I do not feel now any need to replace it with something “modern”, R2R DAC for an instance. The fact that Steve Sells designed the essentials of it and borrowed ideas from Statement, NDX and nDAC is pretty self explanatory. Definitely deserves a mention on this thread.

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