Favourite Record Shop

Dear All, Which is your favourite record shop (Vinyl, CD, Books) ? Mine is IL LIBRACCIO in Bologna Via Oberdan (really few steps from THE TWO TOWERS of Bologna, Italy). Thanks !

For new media: HMV The Vault in Birmingham.
For used media: Missing Records in Glasgow.

Both have very knowledgable staff who are very helpful and friendly. Long may they stay in business.

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Mine closed a long time ago.

Resident Music or Family Store Records, both in Brighton.

It used to be HMV in Manchester (particularly the classical section downstairs) and on the occasions I could get there, HMV in Oxford Street. Having staff who could knowledgeably discuss recent issues made the shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Now, it would probably be Presto Music, but I don’t get to Leamington Spa that often, so I mostly use their website.



Not very far from Bologna, I am a regular at Discoland in Reggio Emilia.

This shop is an institution in Reggio, and is specialised in Classical and Jazz

They have recently started stocking second hand CD’s bought from collectors, who for some reason or other must sell their collection.

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Academy Records in Brooklyn, NY. :v:t3:

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On my travels to London a couple of times a year……New CD’s was ‘HMV’ in Oxford Street, the one near Oxford Circus with the large classical bit with the sepia windows in the basement. Second hand was/is ‘Classical Music and Video Exchange’ in Notting Hill Gate. Special mention for Roger and ‘Gramex’ in Lower Marsh near Waterloo Station, a unique classical CD buying experience. Happy days!

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Disco Club in Genoa, I buy there since I was 15 (now I’m70…)

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Eastern Bloc in Manchester. Not been in years, but supplied me the soundtrack to my youth. Despite being surly beyond belief towards spotty teenagers trying to buy the latest white labels, it was great to be in and browse whilst they played all the tunes I used to dance to in the clubs. Happy days 8)

The shop where i bought my first records now sells Naim.

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J&R Music World in Lower Manhattan - gone a number of years now.

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At one time the centre of the universe. Acre upon acre of music.


My favorite record shop is Truck Music in Witney Oxfordshire. Gartiand Mark are nicest people you could meet. The shop sells new and used Vinyl over 2 floors. Plus they always have a selection of new and vintage HiFi including Naim speakers. The used vinyl is very reasonably priced and the grading is very accurate.

Orange Monkey in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada!


Sorry for my curiosity but you or someone of your friends / contacts attend some of these rock shows played in Waterloo: GENESIS (1 show) 27 March 1976, GENTLE GIANT (2 shows) 31 March 1973, 25 January 1975, YES (1 show) 30 October 1972. Thanks for your memories !

Sorry fro my curiosity again: I am an Italian rock fan and gig collector too. Perhpas did you attend some rock shows played in GENOVA during the Seventies at Teatro Alcione ? Such GENTLE GIANT / AREA (January 1973), GENTLE GIANT / ACQUA FRAGILE (October 1973), GENESIS (August 1972) ? Also AREA supporting SOFT MACHINE (18 April 1972) ? AREA (30 May 1974), AREA + ARTI E MESTIERI (3 December 1975 Palasport) ? AREA (February 1976 Teatro Eliseo) ? Well any memory is welcome ! Thanks !!!

Alle71, I did not know Genesis played in Waterloo in 1976. They also played in Kitchener (Waterloo’s twin city) on February 21, 1977. These concerts were before my time. I did not start going to concerts until 1979/1980. Cheers!

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Naturally I attended concerts at the legendary Teatro Alcione in the seventies, and it is a great pleasure to remember them: in the years 72/73 I saw Van der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant, Soft Machine, Audience, Amazing Blondel, Roxy Music and (several times) PFM . We must then add the concerts at the Palasport, with terrible acoustics: Stones in 67, EL&P in 72, Deep Purple, Colosseum and many others.
Many thanks for your post.
Cheers, Maurizio

Thanks to you ! Perhaps in those days taped some GENTLE GIANT shows ? I know PFM played in Genova - Teatro Massimo 22 March 1972 and Genova - Teatro Alcione 9 April 1973 (Two Shows same day), 11 March 1974 (Two Shows same day), 25 October 1974 (Arti & Mestieri opening act - Two Shows same day), 8 September 1975 Genova Palasport, 16 July 1976 Genova Palasport, 3 January 1979 Genova - Fiera (Fabrizio De Andrè also on the same stage), 14 September 1982 Genova Palasport. Well if you know of more PFM shows played in Genova during the Seventies / Eighties please feel free to let me know ! Thanks !!!