Favourite sleeping position

I usually only have three options.

  1. Left side.
  2. Right side.
  3. Straight up.

Staight up can often get complaints of snoring.

As a young chap I enjoyed the full belly flat down position, but these days waking up and out can be a long painfull experience.


Any position that works. But i seem to wake about 4 am as the new sun breaks, but the room is rather bright. I then debunk to the living room couch, darker and cool…i do not like being too warm.

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Blackout curtains/liners can really help in bedrooms.

Currently I’m either woken by birds, Mrs AC’s noises or Mrs AC taking over the bed leaving me on a 6-8" edge of the bed*, or I wake up on the sofa/armchair having nodded off the night before.

Oh, and let’s not forget number 1 son who sets alarms on his clock or phone at ridiculously early hours and manages to sleep through them when I’m woken in my own room with the door closed.

  • It seems like that anyway.

Left side most often, but like you I long for the days when I could sleep prone.

I was reading somewhere…after a heavy meal it’s better to sleep on left side for 20 min then to the right side…

Its got something to do with digestion…

I try to follow that pattern…but lying prone on my tummy hasn’t been my thing for sleep…

Anatomically potentially the other way around - if you lie on the left food stays in the gastric fundus just below the oesophagus and makes reflux more likely.

The gastric outlet (pyloric canal) is normally to the right of the midline to the right of the lower ‘stomach’, so lying on your right facilitates drainage of stomach contents (above) into the duodenum.

Thanks @Alley_Cat

I must re-visit this and read up again…hope I find the article but I guess it would be on the net.

It may have been suggesting left side for other reasons such as slowing gastric emptying to allow gastric digestion to be more complete, but none of it’s the whole story as the stomach will knead it’s contents and release when ready to some extent.

If however you do suffer from reflux (curries arghhhh!) or oesophagitis right side is probably better.

On my right side mainly and now sleep like a baby since buying a Vispring Tiara Superb bed.

Recently, I’ve been putting a couple of polystyrene boards up at night inside the curtains to block the light out, as I kept waking up at about 5am.

On my stomach, in the “recovery” position. I swop from left leg and arm bent to right leg and arm bent from time to time.

Next to a nubile maiden ideally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lying down.

I fall asleep too readily sitting up.
And I have been known to fall asleep standing up …during the support band at rock gigs, no matter how loud, prevented from falling by the standing mass around me.

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Yes, being horizontal usually works for me.

I think perhaps I’m starting my manopause. Having hot flushes during the night.
I cant seem to find that cold bit in the bed anymore.

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no - thankfully - i dont and not yet anyways…

I will try to dig out that article if i can…

Food entering the large intestine (colon) ascends on the right side and descends on the left side towards the anus. Following the ingestion of a large meal, the colon needs to make room for the new additions and it does this through mass peristalsis (transit through the colon). Sleeping on the right side inhibits the upwards movement which could explain the preferability to initially sleep on the left side.

Another factor to take into consideration is that sleep should be avoided for at least an hour after ingestion to allow the stomach enough time to macerate the food and send it down into the small intestine.

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Something to mentally ruminate on when counting sheep fails.


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The act of eating is in essence taking what is external and incorporating it internally. The teeth begin the mastication (chewing), the stomach is a maceration chamber (rotting and churning) and the intestines extract nutrients which become part of us. From mouth to anus there is essentially a long winding tube in between: food goes in and the waste goes out.

I can think of several musical ideas here:
The long and winding road; Rollin’ & Tumblin’.

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On top of your woman?