Favourite Table Condiment OK fruity sauce

Here,s an old favourite brown table sauce that most households, cafes used to have for breakfast about 40 plus years ago. Still made by Colmans of Norwich and exported to the Far East for flavouring in recipes due to its highTamarind content. You can still buy online in the UK if you look around.


I like a bit of Dijon mustard. Goes with almost everything savoury. Tried most of the fancy versions but Maille is widely available and beats all of them.


ISTR a rectangular shaped bottle. So what’s caused it to go out of favour then, other than the Chinese community? In our household is was the preferred condiment on the dinner table - we were a bit working class though, I understand, it used to have a Royal Warrant as well so maybe the Queens mum had it with her bacon sandwich. Been ousted in my house by the other brand… now made in Holland!

It was the one for its time and then with many products you find a lot of competition…it sort of slow walked out of my life without me noticing. I have it now and again as a treat, it’s only £1,59 from wing yip in the UK plus postage, still cheaper than some special sauces in farm shops.

I prefer to make my own, much nicer and quite easy to do. Just made some mango chutney, and most years I make some quince jelly from the tree in the garden.

For ketchup and brown sauce, I buy the Tiptree stuff (better known for their jam), much nicer than Heinz etc.

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Hmmn that looks nice, will pick some up to make a batch

Like this?

IIRC (I was a ketchup kid), there were long-running debates about which was best HP or OK, with competing ad campaigns.

And if you went in a caf’, it was just brown sauce - mainly on sausage sandwiches.


A Lot of you might not have heard of it but its the best kept secret ingredient in South Yorkshire - Hendersons Relish or as known locally Hendos!!! Good with everything from pies to Spag bog etc

Mangos seem to be quite a bit cheaper that they used to be in the supermarkets these days, so I make this quite often. I use a recipe that I took from an old Indian cookbook.

For a lively addition try adding some Tabasco sauce. I often add to an open HP or Daddis sauce bottle, Lidl Tamarind and chili sauce about a £1 for 500 ml, and some Tabasco for a change😁

Need some special spicy sauce dip for chips ??


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Simply Maldon salt and home made whole grain mustard

Fermented condiments are on trend right now, and for me there is nothing like a nice Kimchi or Sauerkraut to compliment something maybe not so healthy to eat, but can be expensive.

A much cheaper way of getting your gut flora Paltrowesque is using fish sauce - which is made from fermented fish bits…

Used as a condiment for Thai and other Asian food, but can be used to bolster up the Unami in more traditional UK dishes like cottage pie, spaghetti Bol etc whilst in the cooking stages.

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Of course talking about fermented fish bits …

Ok sauce is far too sweet in my opinion. My favourite is HP sauce and or Colmans English Mustard or Worcester Sauce.

My grandmother used to make the most amazing piccalilli, most modern versions are extremely poor, this is fantastic, but not as good as gran’s:


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If you want a superb Piccalilli, then I strongly recommend this -

…“Manfood”, and made by a Naim-owning hi-fi family!

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I probably use more Lea & Perrins that anything else;

Although I do love a good chutney. Gremlin’s Sweet Tomato Chutney from the Isle of Mull is my favourite.

Aldi’s Bramwell Tomato Ketchup - good if you want something a tad spicier than Heinz etc
Aldi’s Caramalised Red Onion Chutney
Geeta’s Mango and Chilli Chutney - great with a curry but a revelation in a cheese sandwich!!!