Feature request 2024

It seems there is no open thread so starting a new one with the only thing I wohld like:

To make the NSC222 Input more legible. The font is so small it is not legible. Most channels share the same icon so they all appear the same.

Can we please get bigger font than icon ratio? Or more icons to distinguish inputs (not multiple identical digital and analog icons) ? Or, if I may dream, custom icons per input?


Convolutional filter support for muso 2nd gen and above streamers.
I’ll get me coat.

Classic streamers - firmware update to allow them to send standby instructions to the New Classic boxes.

Naim App - the ability to sort discography by release date.

Please :slightly_smiling_face:


Please integrate Deezer into the Uniti Star and other streamers. My whole family use Deezer, so having another subscription for Qobuz seems redundant.

We do use Chromecast or even Apple Play to play Deezer, but it is much less reliable and slow to respond than the Qobuz functionality.

My (edited) list from previous threads:

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