Feature request 2024

It seems there is no open thread so starting a new one with the only thing I wohld like:

To make the NSC222 Input more legible. The font is so small it is not legible. Most channels share the same icon so they all appear the same.

Can we please get bigger font than icon ratio? Or more icons to distinguish inputs (not multiple identical digital and analog icons) ? Or, if I may dream, custom icons per input?


Convolutional filter support for muso 2nd gen and above streamers.
I’ll get me coat.

Classic streamers - firmware update to allow them to send standby instructions to the New Classic boxes.

Naim App - the ability to sort discography by release date.

Please :slightly_smiling_face:


Please integrate Deezer into the Uniti Star and other streamers. My whole family use Deezer, so having another subscription for Qobuz seems redundant.

We do use Chromecast or even Apple Play to play Deezer, but it is much less reliable and slow to respond than the Qobuz functionality.

My (edited) list from previous threads:

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My request: allow for the clock screen to a) be toggled on/off (today, it only displays the time for a moment then returns to home… I can’t be the only user who wants to leave it on), and b) be set to 24-hr time vice 12-hr.

Please Naim :pray:


It seems nobody from the Naim development team is reading this. I went ahead and sent them a direct mail and got positive feedback. If there are any NSC222 owners around that would like this feature please chime in at support@naimaudio.com.

The answer was:


​I have forwarded this email over to our software department for consideration as I agree that this would be a useful feature. If we see enough similar request and the software team find its implementation viable, we could see this added to an update in the near future.


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A few years ago I suggested to Naim that the text size in the app might be too small for some. They agreed, but what they came back with was the option to change the size of the artwork. The text remained the same. Perhaps they will do a bit better this time!

We are often told by @Richard.Dane that in most instances Naim staff do not read anything written in the Forum and forum members should contact Naim support if they wish Naim staff to look at or comment on something.

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Yes, apart from the section for the Beta group, the forum is not routinely monitored by Naim factory staff, so if any member has a question or issue that they would like Naim personnel to respond to directly then best contact them via the Support channels.

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I emailed support about 4 years ago re improving the screen implementation, never got a response, needless to say the screen remains in the dark ages despite various firmware upgrades. I can never quite understand why something so obviously poor and probably easily improved upon remains unchanged for so long. Surely even Naim staff who have units at home must think it could be a lot better. A few years ago a friend came to see my Nova as he was interested in buying one, he’s not remotely an audiophile but wanted something simple and good for home. He found the screen frustrating and was surprised by the lack of some features, in the end he bought a Cambridge Evo.

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