Feature request thread

Last year we had a feature request thread, which (supposedly) was followed by the development team (or product management?). And indeed, a few things were picked up, but there’s also still a lot left. Including some low-hanging fruit.

As lately it seems relatively quiet on the development front (we’ve got a new logo), that could mean either they’re working on something big, or perhaps there’s some room to pick up a bit of low hanging fruit that would otherwise never get product managements attention, but would be appreciated by a lot of users. Regardless, I thought it might be a good idea to revive that thread.

In the previous thread I kept a list of some often requested ones, so let’s start with that (edited to remove already fixed ones):

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Another one came to mind. Disconnect from multiroom when device goes in auto-standby.

When a client device is put in standby manually, it disconnects itself from multiroom. But when, for example after a playlist has ended, it goes into standby after the configured timeout this does not happen and starting to play something on the master will wake up the others.

Like the auto-reconnect issue above this is especially annoying if some time has passed / others in the house aren’t aware.

@Will As the behaviour is different between manual and auto-standby this might be a bug, not a feature request?

+1 for * Mode for Screen off unless showing artwork

An alternative would be Screen on for all inputs apart from HDMI

When using app on mobile phone to control streamer, app instantly mutes music when incoming/outgoing call is detected.

Hmm, mine doesn’t do that. But that should be a permission which you can revoke, at least it is on Android. If I google revoking app permissions on iOS I see plenty of links, just not sure if this particular thing is a permission.

I don’t want to stop it happening. I want it to happen.

As far as I can tell the Naim app doesn’t mute the streamer when an incoming/outgoing call is detected.

I use an app to control my LMS that mutes the music when I answer a call on my mobile.
It’s a lot easier listening to the person on the phone, without the music in the background. :hear_no_evil:

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You can only disable the USB input on NDX2 via webclient.

Please add this facility to the app.

@Richard.Dane Is there any way we can ask Naim product management (and engineers?) to monitor this thread like they did with the last one?

I see you have paged @will to take a look.

As I’ve requested (moaned about) elsewhere, the ability to change to any of the NDX2 inputs via the remote and front panel (you can’t, for example, change from internet radio to a music server other than via the app :roll_eyes:)

(This may be a similar request to IainO’s one)

That was about a specific bug. I meant more monitoring the thread in general like with the previous one.

I don’t think for the previous one it was ever disclosed who exactly was monitoring.

qobuz own app shows the tracks in a shuffled playlist in their shuffled order - it would be great if the naim app did this.

also qobuz app gives access to detailed track info - which is very useful for classical albums where the composer is often missing from the basic track info the naim app shows

Show Qobuz genre explicitly somewhere – either in the various lists in which items appear, or at the least in individual items when selected.

(Don’t know if this applies to other streaming services, Tidal etc.).

For Qobuz currently genre does not appear anywhere at all that I know of.

Whilst it can be deduced by filtering on a single genre and seeing what appears or does not, it is not possible to browse across a selection of my preferred genres all together and see which artists or albums are which genre, or even to go into an album, have a look and come back out.

Hi guys and girls.

I note the balance of the Atom HE pre-amp stage can be adjusted. Is there a software solution to add this to the HE element?

Many headphone users require a small adjustment to balance, particularly the older listeners amongst us.

I currently use Roon to make an adjustment, but it would be great to do it on the Atom. Maybe make more use of the amazing volume control….


Adjusting the screen brightness intensity is a very desired request for me.

Also when using an NDX 2 with a Supernail 3 with system automation I would like to turn off the SuperNait button and volume lights with the NDX remote or app.

Also would like more options of displaying the album on screen, the cover with the track tittle for example and duration.


In the Naim/Focal app:

  1. Remember the “sort by” and “filter by” options that I have selected for albums, artists etc. rather than me having to select them every time I use the app.

  2. Automatically show all albums/artists (i.e. the “more” option) and not just a few when I select “Albums” or “Artists”.

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I would appreciate seeing metadata of the track playing when streaming BBC radio stations After all if Radio Paradise can manage it(?!)

The BBC don’t transmit it, so Naim can’t display it. So talk to the BBC.

Add iOS to the widget request I’m trialling qobuz and from what I can see I can only get lossless if I use the naim app? So I’d like a quick way to pause music from my Lock Screen

Does disabling the USB effect the sound? I’ve never heard of the web client but will look it up!