Feature Request: Ability to lower Naim device lighting to Off

I am now using my Unity Atom to drive the F/L and F/R from my AV Receiver.

As such it is now on 24/7 on the Analogue Input.

I can turn the brightness of the Naim logo and other lighting (volume) down but I can’t turn it off completely.

Can this be added as a feature please?

Even better if the lighting brightness can be varied between inputs or the lighting can be controlled individually.

For example the Naim logo can be turned off but the volume lighting can remain.

Thanks in advance

Likewise. I would eventually like to upgrade the UnitiQute 2 in my BR, but unless there’s an all-lighting-completely-off option, it’s a non-starter for me.

IIRC there has always been some kind of indication that an item is powered up - in Naim’s case this has usually been the logo, hence why even when display lighting is defeated on Naim kit, the logo has to stay lit. However, with the UQ2, I note that when you mute it the logo light goes off too, so it would be fine for your purposes - you’ll just need to mute it (or switch off, of course) when you want no lights.

It took some pestering to get Naim to allow the screen to be turned off during playback as it is distractingly bright if placed under a TV. The logo and buttons still remain on, and it would certainly be better if they could be off/much dimmer. Something Naim might have thought more carefully about, especially when they added HDMI to the Unitis, encouraging people to put them near the telly.


Much dimmer would be OK as well of course rather than completely off.

I still find it… funny, that the dimming (in 3 steps) only works via the remote. No option in the app.

Yes please! Please provide option to defeat all lights when playing. :pray:

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Hmhh. I guess, one of us should contact Naim directly about the topic.
(They don’t guarantee any reaction to topics brought up here alone.)

Maybe we can use the thread still as reference for description and support by other users?

@afgverhart has written down the requirement / suggestion nicely so I have added ours over there too. IIRC, it was suggested that we use this forum for feature requests. I have such quick responses from @Richard.Dane amongst others that I am convinced he is AI. :joy:

Cc @Richard.Dane, @clare.newsome

I love my little Naim green logo lights and wouldn’t turn them off even if I could.

That’s right, Richard. The UQ2 is perfect for a bedroom system, as it is highly configurable via the ‘Front Display’ options:

  • Off During Mute: Yes/No
  • Auto Off: 10 secs/30 secs/1 min/2 min/etc.
  • Clock When Off: Yes/No
  • Logo Off: If Muted/If Off/Always/Never
  • Logo Mute: Yes/No

I would like to upgrade to an Atom, but am stymied by the inability to configure it to turn off all lighting for sleep.


Likewise. For me, it’s only my bedroom system where it’s an issue after lights out.

My entertainment unit is white colour. Combined that with distance and astigmatism it can be hard to make out the logo.

@Pete_the_painter, I imagine in time, the logo will be the only light and button on an uniti. And perhaps in selectable colour so it may be green matching the rest of the family. :grin:

We’re listening! Will round these requests up to report on a weekly basis. (Don’t want to disrupt our R&D magicians more often than that!)


The green logos are far brighter than they need to be. With just 3 in the rack, I can easily see well enough to walk around an otherwise pitch black room without bumping into anything. Seems like a waste of electricity.

Thank you. I appreciate the logo and lighting does look good and is logically there so that we can see that the unit is on.
It just would be nice to have a further dimming option or complete off if possible.
Perhaps when you approach the device they can light up like a Christmas tree to remind you that it’s on still.


Greats thanks Clare. There was another thread about being able to use the remote light dimmer to fully turn off the various lights as well. Also having the same functionality of using the remote to scroll through a Core library like you can now do for your Tidal library via the remotes home key would be great.

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The only way I’m able to have my bedroom Atom is to put it into deep sleep (5 second push on power button), which turns off the internet connection and light at rear, then hang a small black specs cleaning cloth over the power button! Perfect black out, then all that’s needed in the morning is a single push on power button to awaken the unit, 60 seconds later music’s playing.

Perhaps a nice option would be to change white to green especially on the Core which is a little clash with my wall of green. Mind you, my Linn LP12 Radikal power supply is blue! I can’t see them offering a green option!

A little bit of yellow cling film over the LED? :grinning: