Feature request thread

Not sure if “feature” means something that can be added to current products via software upgrade or things we’d like to see in future products. If the former, the ability to see album booklets in the app when streaming from Qobuz (where Qobuz provides them). If the latter, the ability to control streaming directly from eg an Atom without using a control app. I guess this means a touch screen, which I know is controversial.


What! Get your grubby mits all over my pride and joy. No thanks. One of the great things about my Nova is the ability to operate it without touching it.
My kids are allowed to use my Nova but only hands free.

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Already discussed elsewhere. A 272 can have a numeric display and a slider that suggests the proportion of volume as it’s one box. An app controlling a 252 (and 282 & 552 I expect) with system automation can only send Up or Down commands to the volume motor and has no knowledge of where the pot is relative to + or - volume commands. Nice idea but difficult to implement, nice tho it would be.

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Either / or…
If it’s not got it and you want it here’s the place to suggest or shamelessly beg for it.

The biggest omission for creating a play que is “play after previous”. Currently I can play next or play last but I cannot create a consecutive series of tracks. My successive choices either keep being put in front of each other, or appended to a maybe 10 hour playlist. I want to play it after the one I just added.

Gosh! It’s that easy to start a controversy. :grinning:

Of course you’d not be forced to control it that way, and if asked nicely, I might allow the touch element to be disabled. I’d never use such a facility in my main system, but if I’m in my office and want to stream from the Atom sitting next to me on my desk, it would be nice to do so without going off to hunt for a phone or iPad.

The screen is the one and only aspect of the NAD M10 I prefer to the Atom. Let the debate rage!


If you could see the state of my kids iPad and phone screens you’d understand. That along with the max volume setting on my Nova which has surely prevented me stepping on the woofers of my speakers up to now.

Why can’t you start a new playlist for your present session and add stuff to the end as you feel like it? Why would you want a ten hour playlist anyway?



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You know how it goes, you add one…

I’d like the ability to create playlist of tracks from multiple sources eg Tidal and UnitiCore. At the moment, any given playlist can only be populated from a single source.

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When in sources like HDMI (on the Star) it would be nice to have the option of selecting the clock so that it stays permanently on until another button is pressed…


I agree that this would be a useful option sometimes. Meanwhile, just in case you hadn’t noticed, you can drag tracks into a different order within the queue, which would achieve the same thing.

Open home does seem to be coming more prevalent.

Yes thanks David, thats the workaround. Its when Im playing from someone elses long playlist, and want to interject a couple of different tracks, but then resume that playlist that the issue arises.

Thanks. I hadn’t clocked that yet.

Playlists: would love the ability to easily sync playlists between more than one iOS / Android device.

App: Mac / PC versions of the App so that settings can be managed and then synced to control devices.

Seems like few would like Naim to look at expanding the usability of playlists.

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I guess this would work for some users and not for others. I wouldn’t particularly want my wife’s playlists appearing on my app :open_mouth:
You can manually transfer playlists between devices very easily though.
Alternatively use a UPnP server to create and manage playlists, then they will be visible on the app on any device. Naim servers, while not famed for their wide ranging functionality, are actually quite good at this.

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One thing I’d like is to be able to turn off the Chromecast and USB inputs, as I never use them and my phono and tuner inputs are relegated to the second page. Alternatively, being able to move the inputs around would fix it and may in fact be even better.


A popular request…
The Home Screen does feel a bit cramped.