Fifth of all Streamed Songs in UK are RAP


Fifth of all songs streamed in UK in 2020 were rap and hip hop - BBC News

As the late George Harrison said who left the C out of RAP.

But had me thinking as at least 60 % would surely have been John Coltrane it didn’t leave much room for anything else!




Does that include Telly Savalas with “If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words” - perish the thought.

Did he start this Music fashion? :wink:

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Not quite sure what you’re seeking to communicate by stating this. I guess you don’t like rap as an art. Fair enough.

But plenty of rap artists and producers cite John Coltrane and other jazz legends as key influences. Not least his grandson (I think? Young relation anyway.)


I wonder how this is defined ? Some songs (Ed Sheeran take me back to London feat Stormzy for eg) I would say are not rap, but have an element of it in the song. If definition is “anything with a bit of rap in it” I can see why that figure is as high as it is.

Must adit I wouldn’t choose it, but I do think its very skilful. I prefer it when its mixed with singing, as that helps to slow it down a bit otherwise I can easily miss what’s being said.

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Spot on.

To me, rap like jazz is a very broad cathedral of different sounds and styles, and to have a one dimensional take on it seems self-denying and defeating. And pointless, reductive, too.


@znai I was actually having a laugh.


It made me laugh :blush:

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I would class the rap I‘ve heard as a form of poetry, rather than music, and very little that I’ve heard has been enjoyable in any way (to me that is, of course). So when defined as music it is right up there with jazz, crooning and soul as a genre I can’t stand (of course as a summary generalisation).

However, as a style apparently generally liked by the youth of today, and with inline streaming to mobile phones the primary route of listening utilised by said youth, its 20% share of online streaming isn’t surprising at all.

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I know what you’re getting at, but I’m 56 years old and I’ve loved many forms of rap and hip hop since the early 80’s when I was first exposed to it.

It’s one of the rivers that runs into the oceans of all music, for me.

I suspect a lot of people are repelled by the de-contextualised sense of misogyny, extreme language and other mores associated with, but not exactly exclusive to, some forms of hip hop.

But that’s like dismissing any genre with a thumbnail sketch derived from other people’s consensual opinion.


Not my thing either. I have no cultural connection with it.

Mind you, I also loathe the ‘spoken-word’ genre. Particularly when tv adds commodify it to try and give some dull financial product ‘street cred’.



Well said, rap is a kind of rhythmic poetry and has a fascinating history… sure some contemporary over commercialised and sensationalist rap that over focuses on misogamy or obscenities does little for me, but that is only a small part of the genre … it can be a fascinating genre… ever since it’s origins in the early 70s.


Sugar Hill Gang, Rappers Delight. How can you not like?


And the lyrics

I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie
To the hip hip hop-a you don’t stop the rock

Thought provoking!

But sometimes it’s just good despite the lyrics

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Both on my favourites list :+1:

Very easily! Just not my kind of thing at all (and I did just have a listen to about half of it on Spotify) - neither the music backing, nor the vocals. I could ask, how can you like?!

There’s no accounting for taste in this hobby of ours!

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Reminds me of my teenage years. Still reach for the volume (up, not mute!) when I hear it now.

Does that include artists like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, who shurely are some of the early rappers?

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@LindsayM thanks for changing the thread title. Nice.

Which means four fifths aren’t. So a decent shout for other genres.

I guess rap is over-represented in streaming figures, as youngsters are more likely to be streaming than the older generation, who will use more ‘traditional’ methods to access their music.

I know @LindsayM was only kidding around, but he got me thinking.

I have nothing against rap as a genre, although it does not generally attract my ear. Having said that, due to the instant accessibility of music via streaming services, I have expanded my appreciation of music to genres and artists entirely new to me. I am now therefore much more broadminded when it comes to undiscovered, or unexplored, genres.

For example, I used to think Country (& Western?) was pants. Then I was introduced to artists like Chris Stapleton and that opened my eyes to a huge, and untapped, musical experience for me. I had never heard of Trance Blues, then I listened to Otis Taylor and I was hooked. And so many other artists new to me, with undefinable genres, came into my life via streaming services.

So, it’s all good.

Might just sample some hi res rap on Qobuz!